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Full trailer for Eli Roth's The Green Inferno

He may not be the most consistent of storytellers, but director Eli Roth's films still pack a punch. Without a doubt his latest, The Green Inferno, will carry on that tradition.

The teaser trailer appeared about a month ago, promising the grim return of the cannibal sub genre. This full trailer re-enforces in my mind that audiences are in for a hell of a ride. Take from that what you will.

Lachlan Labere versus X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer has saved the X-Men.

OK, the Days of Future Past director wasn't alone. Its trio of screenwriters helped. So did the team of producers. John Ottman played a part, once again doing the music for the series. And I suppose the army of artists, sound people, effects wizards, camera people, casting department, etc.

Go behind the scenes on John Schneider's Smothered

It's been a month since we told you about John Schneider's upcoming horror/comedy Smothered. That's right, Bo Duke directed a horror movie! You might remember us talking about the flick, which brings together The Expendables of Horror, so to speak.

Smothered had its premiere in New Orleans a couple of weeks back, and went over really well. Word has it the film hits theatres later this year.

Sly Stallone's Cliffhanger boards the remake train

Keeping in the tradition of my recent viewing of The Summit, news broke today that yet another favourite from my more youthful days is getting remade -- Sylvester Stallone's mountain climbing thriller Cliffhanger.

Not much else is known, other than The Fast and the Furious producer Neal Moritz and StudioCanal are producing. Alleged up-and-coming screenwriter Joe Gazzam (never heard of him) is writing the thing.

Jason versus The Summit

Actually, I wish I had stones enough to tackle the summit of K2, the most dangerous peak in the world. Instead, I will satisfy myself watching documentaries about mountainclimbing and tragedy like Nick Ryan's 2012 film The Summit.

This is the story of the deadliest day on the world's most dangerous mountain, when 11 climbers mysteriously perished on K2.

The Basement and Lance Henriksen

As regular Basement readers/listeners know, Shawn and I interviewed Troy Foreman and James McLean of the Back to Frank Black campaign about a month ago. That effort is doing its damnedest to bring Lance Henriksen's late 90s TV series Millennium back for a proper send off.

A big part of Back to Frank Black is the Millennium Group Sessions podcast, which has featured Lance, series creator Chris Carter and most, if not all, of the cast and crew.

Brooke Lewis is the Killer Rack

Everyone loves boobs right? Well, most guys do, that's for true. But how about if those boobs were out to get you? That question, and many more I'm sure, will be answered in the upcoming horror/comedy Killer Rack.
That's right, someone -- the creator of Slime City Massacre actually -- is making a movie about murderous boobs. And I'm gonna see how many times I can use the word boobs in this article about killer boobs.

Girl's Eye View: World War Z

I have a big problem in that I generally read the novel version of movies before I watch the movie. Being a lover of all things zombies, of course I had to read World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks before I watched World War Z, starring Mr. Brad Jolie Pitt. If I could, I would just say that the movie sucked, and then I’d drop the mike and walk off stage. But instead, I’ll stay on this glorious internet podium and elaborate just a little more…

Matt Bellamy versus The Iceman

Richard Kuklinsi, born April 11, 1935, to Polish, and Irish immigrant parents, had a troubled upbringing. His older brother was beaten to death by their father while throughout his formative years he, as well as his younger brother, were subjected to constant abuse themselves. Richard's remaining brother, at the age of 12, was convicted of raping and murdering a 12-year old girl--his response when asked about the crime? "We come from the same father."

The Evil Within play some Mine Games

Horror fans who went looking for a copy of The Evil Within earlier this month were likely a little disappointed when Richard Gray's flick didn't turn up on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray as planned.

But fear not, fright flick geeks, the movie is still headed our way, albeit not until September. And it's reverted back to its original title.

Denzel Washington puts foot to ass in The Equalizer

At least that's what the first trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the hit 80s TV seriesThe Equalizer implies. I'm cool with that.

At first glance, this doesn't look a lot like the Edward Woodward vehicle. Then again, Denzel isn't an older British gentleman. Nor is this the 80s. This is a Hollywoodaction movie in 2014, and it look like the star and director Antoine Fuqua will deliver.

Blood Widow, Axeman and the Joston Theney interview

Blood Widow? Axeman? Joston Theney? WTF? Relax, Basementites. You haven't been living under a rock. This episode is dedicated to a couple of under-the-radar slasher flicks and the man who directed one of them.

Joston Theney directed Axeman, which hit the home market earlier this month. Blood Widow just appeared at Cannes and hits VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray June 3. Jason and Shawn have seen them both, and are ready to put the flicks on the chopping block.

Kid's Eye View: Godzilla

My name is Brandon. I am 11 years old. Shawn is my dad. He asked me if I could review the movie I saw today.

I went to see Godzilla with my friends. Here is my review.

IT WAS ....

It was really loud. But I like loud, because I have two smaller brothers who are noisy, which sometimes stops me from hearing shows or movies.

There were parts that didn't make a lot of sense, until all the monsters started showing up, but when they showed up, it was really cool.

The monsters looked so real, it was amazing. There were only two battles, but the end battle was amazing.

I also didn't know Godzilla could blow fire. Mostly because I'm young and haven't seen any other Godzilla movies. My daddy is going to fix that, though.

Bates Motel star joins blackout thriller Dark

We haven't talked about Dark, an upcoming thriller executive produced by legendary director Joe Dante, for quite some time. But that doesn't mean things aren't happening on the project.

The latest development is Bate Motel's Michael Eklund, along with Black Hawk Down star Brendan Sexton III, are on board for the psychological horror story, which takes place during the 2003 blackout that struck North America.

Jason versus Orca: The Killer Whale

I'll apologize in advance for the quality of this review. I'm a few beers into the night and on medication that includes a healthy sedative. This could prove interesting. As interesting as the 1977 Richard Harris/Charlotte Rampling vehicle Orca: The Killer Whale? Maybe not. Stick with me!

A hunter squares off against a killer whale seeking vengeance for the death of it's mate.

Matt Bellamy versus X-Men: Days of Future Past

Any time a comic book movie is released, you're going to be hit with a whole lot of hyperbole proclaiming it as "the best ever!" or "the most EPIC thing of all time!" because you're dealing with a fan-base that seems to only deal in extremes. We've already heard it once so far this year with the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and although I did enjoy that flick, was it really the greatest thing I'd ever laid my geeky eyes on? Not quite! What about this latest X-Men instalment then? How does it stack up?

Godzilla director on for two sequels, Star Wars spinoff

Director Gareth Edwards must be the happiest nerd in the world right now. Not only is his Godzilla stomping the tar out of the movie box office, but he's signed on for three more potentially huge projects.

News broke today that Edwards will direct not one, but two Godzilla sequels. This should come as no surprise given the new movie is on track to be one of the biggest hits of the year. And, in my opinion, the best flick of 2014 thus far. No word on when the sequels will hit.

Is Jessica Chastain on for True Detective Season 2?

Just a quick bit of he said, she said for you on this Thursday morn, as rumours out of Hollywood report Zero Dark Thirty actress, and all around hottie, Jessica Chastain has been offered a lead role in the second season of HBO's brilliant True Detective.

Naturally, the award winning actress's peeps deny any involvement in the acclaimed series, but this is nothing new. A deal is often denied until the ink is dry and the cash is in the account.

Batman V Superman gets a title

Yes, that actually does mean Batman versus Superman, but putting in a V instead of versus is far more hip, yo. I'm sure that's the marketing people's story at Warner Bros. and they are sticking to it.

But the upcoming superhero mashup and Man of Steel sequel Batman V Superman has indeed been given an official title. And the words Batman and Superman and the letter V are in it.

Suzanne Cappelletti versus the Dirty Harry franchise

Over the past few weeks I've taken a trip thru one of my favourite non-horror franchises: Dirty Harry. From Dirty Harry in 1971, Magnum Force in 1973, The Enforcer in 1976, Sudden Impact in 1983 and The Dead Pool in 1988. 

What can I say, 70's era Clint Eastwood is a sight to behold. I have a hard time watching him in anything recent. I grew up watching these movies with my Dad, who never got my love of horror. But we watched the bloody gunfights, fist fights and some wicked car chases together. I'll accept that.

TV Review: Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)

Matt Bellamy here. AMC has made available the first episode in their latest original series, 'Halt and Catch Fire', ahead of its June 1st premiere date, and I have seen it! How does it stack up against other AMC greats such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Killing? Let's find out.

'Halt and Catch Fire' tells a fictionalized, and dramatized story set in 1983 centred around a group of computer programmers attempting to reverse engineer an IBM computer. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, aside from being quite illegal, it could also be potentially extremely beneficial in a number of ways--financially, and technologically.

Suzanne Cappelletti versus Sorcerer

Being a big fan of director William Friedkin's work, I was very excited for this release. So, of course I backordered it. The wait was well worth it.

The story surrounds four men who have nowhere to go and are exiled to South America and working as laborers. In the first 30 minutes we learn about them and how they came to be in such a squalid place. I have to say here, that the scenery is tangible . . . You can feel the sweat and the dirt. It's beautifully filmed.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

Because as far as I'm concerned, there's no better headline to entice interest than simply stating that the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has arrived. I tell you it's here, you scroll down, push play, and watch it. Right now.

Well, what are you waiting for. Go. Watch. Now!

About The Expendables 3 being rated PG-13

Yeah, everyone else has chimed in on this weekend's announcement at Cannes that The Expendables 3 will be rated PG-13. And opinions, much like theories, are like assholes -- everyone has one and they all stink. But I still feel the need to say something on the matter.

The Expendables 3 will be rated PG-13 when it hits theatres later this summer. The first two were almost going to be rated the same until the fan base pissed and moaned all over the idea. I admit, when the first flick came out, I was one of them.

Tag-team review: Godzilla

Matt Bellamy and I took in Gareth Edwards' Godzilla tonight -- flick got out mere moments ago to be exact. Being a couple of die hard Godzilla and monster movie fans, we thought we'd share a review of this much anticipated flick.
We're gonna trade off thoughts without discussing what will be said in advance. I'm gonna let Matt start things off. And yes, we're aware of the mixed public reaction, for what that's worth. Because who cares what other people fucking think.

The full Interstellar trailer

We were teased about Christopher Nolan's next flick, Interstellar, in November. Now a full look has been granted, and it is good.

The trailer, embedded below, is also a bit surprising. We've come to expect certain things from a Christopher Nolan movie. This is a departure of sorts into Spielberg territory. Not a complaint, just an interesting development in the man's directing resume.

Rob Zombie teases his next flick

That's right, the mad music man of horror, Rob Zombie, has a new movie heading our way, and all we know about it is it's called 31. And likely features a creepy looking clown.

How are we privy to this? The musician/filmmaker posted a teaser of sorts on his official website, showing little more that samplings of his past films and an image of a creepy looking clown. That's it.

Big beasts and slam poetry - the Monsters: Dark Continent trailer

It should come as no surprise that a trailer for the sequel to Gareth Edwards' Monsters appears just as the director makes his Hollywood debut with Godzilla. This has got people are talking about the follow up to the low budget hit. Even us.

What does surprise me is how big this flick looks. Monsters was a character story set in a world where aliens had taken roost on Earth. Shawn and Anthony Michael Bosa wanted more from the movie, a lot more.

An extended look at Deliver Us From Evil

Who doesn't love a good horror flick? The Basement wouldn't exist if we -- as in Shawn and I -- didn't. And the new Scott Derrickson fright flick Deliver Us From Evil looks like it'll be a gooder.

Granted, it claims to be based on the true accounts of a New York cop, so take it with the usual grain of salt that one should do when watching movies that attest the same. But, as spooky summertime entertainment, this holds promise.

V/H/S Viral trailer goes . . . well, you know

Just a quick hit tonight peeps, as the trailer for the upcoming V/H/S Viral has been unleashed upon the world.

That's right, we told you just a week ago that a third film is headed our way and there's already a preview for it. Talk about efficiency.

It's game time with Hillbilly Horror Show

We'd hope by now that most of you would've given the brilliant online horror/comedy anthology series Hillbilly Horror Show a watch. It's a great way to support indie film and independent filmmakers.

The makers of Hillbilly Horror Show are taking things up a notch and entering the world of gaming with a new app called Fetchin' Lulu.

New pics, trailer for NBC's Constantine series

The long running Hellblazercomic book is all but ready to make the leap onto the small screen this fall in the new TV series Constantine, and the network's marketing arm is well and truly in full swing.
This weekend a nifty three-minute trailer appeared, giving audiences an impressive look at the program. And earlier today a couple of new pics of star Matt Ryan surfaced, promising the actor will at the very least look exactly like the popular anti-hero.

Jason versus The Relic

The Relic is one of those flicks that's stuck firmly in my mind as being a kick ass monster movie. I watched it three times in the theatres when it was first released. The creature design impressed me, as did a pre-coked out Tom Sizemore and Penelope Ann Miller in her prime.

All I wanted to do Sunday night was watch a kick ass monster movie. And, after much online hunting, I found The Relic. So how does this mid-90s horror tale hold up? Stick with me!

Eric Roberts, All Cheerleaders Die, and Mr. Jones

Star 80, Runaway Train, The Dark Knight, The Expendables, Best of the Best, Sharktopus, Camp Dread. From heavy drama to spirited B-movie, Eric Roberts has done it all, and that's what makes him so awesome.

Suffice to say, the latest episode From The Basement is all the more awesome because Jason sat down with Eric for a 16-minute discussion about his films past, present and future -- touching on his latest, Camp Dread, and his villainous turn in the first Expendables movie.

Werewolf tale The Lycanthropist gets a teaser poster

We've said this before, but Shawn and I feel very fortunate to have met some super cool people during our five years on the Interwebs. Some of them we're even thrilled to include among our circle of friends. Blu de Golyer is one of them.
Blu's name probably sounds familiar to regular Basementites. That's because he's the creative mind behind House of Good and Evil and Hillbilly Horror Show. Now the screenwriter has another project on the go -- one that involves werewolves.

Matt Bellamy versus Neighbors

So, Zac Efron has a pretty spectacular body. Now that that's out of the way . . .

Was that a weird way to get this started? Maybe a little weird. Yeah, now it's weird. It's a large focal point of the movie though, and even factors into one of the film's final punch lines, so y'know, it serves a purpose. If that makes you uncomfortable, you do also get to see plenty of half-naked Seth Rogen as well.

Red Band Snowpiercer trailer so good it chills

It's been a long time since a trailer has been so good it's given me chills. Well, OK. The Godzilla trailer gave me chills. But so does this Red Band trailer for Joon-ho Bong's Snowpiercer. This doesn't happen every day.

Personally, I haven't paid a lot of attention to the flick because of the controversy surrounding creative differences between Bong and The Weinstein Company, who apparently edited the crap out of it, which naturally upset the director. Drama and I don't get along.

Is Chris Hemsworth a registered Lethal Weapon?

It's been years since The Basement heard any talk of a Lethal Weapon reboot. To be honest, we'd hoped the project was ded. D-E-D. As in dead. However, the latest rumour out of Hollywood suggests otherwise.

Instead, it sounds like Thor's Chris Hemsworth has been offered the lead in what doesn't sound so much like a remake, but a half-assed continuation of the series.

Leigh Whannell will direct Insidious: Chapter 3

It's no secret James Wan won't be back to direct the third film in the Insidious franchise. Let's face it, the man is balls deep in the new Fast and Furiousmovie. He's a bit preoccupied.

Yet, given the financial success of the Insidious flicks, a third film was inevitable. In fact, it comes out next April.

Is this the Star Wars Episode VII subtitle?

The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Sith, The Phantom Menance, and *snicker* Attack of the Clones. These are the subtitles of the Star Wars saga.

We'll disregard A New Hope because Star Wars was just called Star Wars when it first came out. Fuck you, George Lucas.

The Drownsman delivers a creepy trailer

A month ago we showed you the way cool poster for Chad Archibald's intriguing horror flick The Drownsman. Now we take things up a notch and show you the way creepy trailer for the same.
Way cool. Way creepy. We're way into saying way in The Basement today. But I digress.

Action/horror flick Daylight's End gets a new poster

A couple of months have passed since we last told you about the latest collaboration from director William Kaufman and star Johnny Strong, Daylight's End. At that point, we showed you some pretty decent footage from the action/horror hybrid.
Did we mention the great Lance Henriksen is in this? If not, we have now.

Matt Bellamy versus The Amazing Spider-Man 2

My "spidey sense" is tingling. I think Sony is attempting mighty hard to create a comic-book universe to rival that of Marvel Studios!

Remember that feeling you got while watching Iron Man 2, where it seemed less like you were watching an actual, self-contained film, but instead were witnessing blueprints being laid out for a future franchise? It suffered because it was far too interested in what lay down the road. Welcome to The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Teaser trailer for John Fallon's The Shelter is here

After a year of anticipation, and several stories telling you all about it, we finally get a look at our bro John Fallon's feature directorial debutThe Shelter. That's right, it's teaser trailer time!

Know what else is cool about this teaser trailer? The music is by The Basement's very own Shawn! And he's scoring the whole movie to boot! How kick ass is that? Very kick ass!

Shawn versus Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Shawn here, reporting in, sir.

Last weekend our "free movie tickets" expired.  We had to use them up.

Wasn't much playing at our local theater, that we could all go see as a family, that wouldn't cause someone to fall asleep or eat all the popcorn during the previews.

So, we settled on Capt'n America.

I didn't enjoy the first Cap very much, so I wasn't looking forward to this. But I did enjoy The Avengers.

Here's the thing.  If the movie, derived from a comic book, doesn't give me eye candy, I'll read the comic.  The first Captain America fell short there and was too long in the story, in my opinion..

What they did in the second one, was similar to how stories are laid out, in cartoon series' of The Avengers or Justice League...for example.

Do the zombie twist.

One of the best things to come of the popularity of zombies in recent years is the quality of the movies being produced.

The Returned looks like it's a great example of a more polished zombie flick that even dares to put a new twist on the genre, by not dealing with the apocalypse, but instead dealing with a future in which the cure for the disease responsible for the zombies has been found.

About those Halloween 3 rumours . . .

They're true.

- 30 -

I kid, I kid. But not about those Halloween 3 rumours being true.

V/H/S Viral has its directors

That's right, the found-footage horror anthology phenomenon that is the V/H/S franchise isn't over yet, as a third film was just announced along with the up-and-coming directorial talent that will make it happen.

V/H/S Viral -- so named because the focus will be on fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next Internet sensation -- has six directors at the helm.

Robert Downey Jr. to produce horror comedy Cloaked

I'm sure I speak for almost everyone on the planet when I say Robert Downey Jr. can do it all. Sure, there's naysayers, but they are few and far between. The man's a great actor and movie star, and seems like a wicked cool guy to boot.

Now Downey Jr. has put his star power behind a new supernatural horror comedy called Cloaked, which he's producing along with his wife Susan Downey. Suffice to say, the project instantly has my interest.

Kevin Smith grows some Tusks.

Kevin Smith is no stranger to the strange, as anyone familiar with the conversational antics of the SModcast Podcast Network will be aware.  His departure from the comedic realms of New Jersey-based misfits, Red State, was no less strange, but far more creepy than I would have felt him capable of.

His follow-up, Tusk, is the second film in what is to be a horror trilogy by the potty-humoured writer/director/(silent actor?)/entrepreneur, and it is his strangest effort to date.