Friday, May 23, 2014

Jason versus Orca: The Killer Whale

I'll apologize in advance for the quality of this review. I'm a few beers into the night and on medication that includes a healthy sedative. This could prove interesting. As interesting as the 1977 Richard Harris/Charlotte Rampling vehicle Orca: The Killer Whale? Maybe not. Stick with me!

A hunter squares off against a killer whale seeking vengeance for the death of it's mate.

I dove into Orca because I'm in the early stages of putting together a spec script about a lake monster. I'd heard mixed thoughts about this flick, but figured a creature feature set at sea would be decent "research" for my screenplay. I'm still wondering if watching Orca was a good idea or not.

For one, the plot is so silly it makes Jaws: The Revenge sound like a high-quality true-crime caper. Killer whales are smart, but I doubt they're smart enough to plot a revenge scheme as clever as the one on display in this movie. Hell, I'm not clever enough to plot a revenge scheme as clever as the one in this movie.

Sheer stupidity aside, Orca does have some good kills, a few groovy special effects, some beautiful shots of swimming whales, and spectacular Newfoundland scenery. Richard Harris plays Richard Harris -- which is not a bad thing -- and Charlotte Rampling is sexy hot.

I wish I could provide a few more thoughts on Orca: The Killer Whale, but I'm rapidly losing consciousness. It's an OK watch once, but would have been way more fun if everyone involved hadn't of taken the subject matter so seriously. This is a cheese ball exploitation movie, not Shakespeare. Stop treating it as such.

Yup, Orca rates a Bad.
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