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Us, Triple Frontier and Flay

Only one big release in theatres, but still lots of all things entertainment to talk about. Not to mention an exclusive movie to review. That's what Jason and Shawn are up to during the next half hour.

You get this morning's Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show segment featuring guest host Shane Woodford, and two more movie reviews for your ear holes. Not to mention a little (local) entertainment news as well. All for free, bitches!
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Review: Flay

It's rare a film comes along that I want to like, but end of hating beyond even words. Flay happens to be one of them.

Which is too bad, as I am interested in the Slender Man mythos and believe there's a good movie in the idea. But Sony, who blocked the release of Flay because they own the rights to the Slender character, couldn't make a good film out of it either, so what do I know.

Not a question, a fact.

Shazam, Critters, and Us... oh my!

It's not a busy weekend at the movies, but it's certainly a big one... one that promises to chill audiences to the core.

What movie could possibly be so fiendish as to strive to do such a thing? NL news director Shane Woodford joins Jason and Shawn this morning, and they'll let you know on the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show!

Review: Triple Frontier

I was pretty pumped for Netflix's new flick Triple Frontier. Being a big fan of heist movies and man-on-a-mission movies, this seemed like the perfect blend of each genre, with a decent cast too.

Circumstance prevented me from seeing Triple Frontier when it debuted a week and a half ago, but I caught up with this bad boy last night. Was the movie worth the wait, and the hype? Stick with me!

The dogs fight back in this new John Wick 3 trailer


Like I wasn't excited enough for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. Now they've gone done and released a new trailer for the blood-soaked sequel, and I'm even more stoked to see Keanu Reeves shoot pretty much everyone.

And yes, the dogs do fight back in this movie, the promised conclusion to John Wick's story. However, if this flick is as good as the first two, I could watch a million more of these movies.

The Animated Addict: "The Adventures of Tintin" (2011)

If you're a 40 + white dude, like myself, you may remember a comic series called "The Adventures of Tintin".  I know I remember them.  This series, dating back to 1929, got turned into a animated feature film by Steven Spielberg in 2011.

After buying a model of ship called The Unicorn, teenaged journalist Tintin finds himself on adventure that will take him from the high seas, to the low deserts, and from the distant past to the present.  With his trusty dog, Snowy, by his side, Tintin uncovers a story connecting two men across the centuries...

The story is really quite good.  It's well crafted, and high paced- with just enough slow moments to build and develop the world and the characters.  This is the sort of adventure story you'd find in the old serials of the 1930's and '40's.  In fact, it felt like it was the sort of tale that you'd find Indiana Jones undertaking.  I found myself swept up, and swept along as our hero swung from one exciting e…

Mike S's Top 10 Movies to See Before You Die

If you listened to the Extended Edition of the podcast this week, you would've heard Jay and Shawn mention a couple of movies they feel people should watch before they die.  Well, time for- you guessed it- my top ten movies to see before you die... but with a twist.  Five of them are great movies that sit solidly in "The Good"... and five of them sit either in "The Ugly", or the dumpster next to it...

Five Great Movies to See Before You Die:

1.  "The Changeling" (1980)- One of my favorite horror movies.  Stars George C. Scott in a rare role showing vulnerability.  Great cast, great art direction, great camera work- just an all round great movie.

2.  "Hamburger Hill" (1987)-  One of those rare war movies that I really enjoyed- which is actually pretty high praise from me.  Just a phenomenally well crafted and organic movie.

3.  "The Hitcher" (1986)-  Another of my top five horror movies.  Stars Rutger Hauer in a movie that emotiona…