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Review: The Curse of La Llorona

I'm an unashamed fan of James Wan's brand of horror. The man, and those who've worked under him, know how to set up and execute scares with little in the way of special effects or blood. And, with the exception of the first Annabelle film, the Wan brand never disappoints.

Which is why I'm disappointed with his latest production, The Curse of La Llorona. Is it a decent funhouse ride? Sure, but the formula is starting to wear thin.

Based on the folktale of The Weeping Woman, The Curse of La Llorona finds Linda Cardellini's social worker coming face to face with an evil spirit that wants her children. And we pretty much get what we expect in the way of spooky goings on, including scary sounds, spectral images, and many things that go bump in the day... and night.

Everything is executed to perfection, but I felt very little tension as I've seen The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, all the Insidious movies, and the two Annabelle films. If you've watched them, you ca…
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Mark Hamill wishes us "good night" in new Child's Play trailer

Two trailers on a Thursday? Really Jay?

Yes, mofo. Really!

Because this new Child's Play remake/reboot trailer looks like a lot of cold-blooded fun, and it also gives us a first hint at what Mark Hamill's Chucky voice will sound like. In my opinion, no one does better psychopathic cartoon character voices than Luke Skywalker.

I'm also all for a Chucky who can connect to the Internet and kill people with drones, cars and whatever else Wifi allows. Honestly, I'm surprised something like this hasn't already happened in real life.

Enough of my homicidal mussings. On with the goods!

Child's Play stars Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman, and opens everywhere June 21.

Source Orion Pictures

New Hobbs & Shaw trailer a ludicrous joy

You gotta love a movie that embraces what it is. Hobbs & Shaw is clearly an over-the-top action movie that feels like a mashup between the Roger Moore era of James Bond films and Tango & Cash. And, judging from this trailer, it's clearly OK with that fact.

We get crazy stunts, macho humour, a Black Superman, and Samoan warfare. All with tongue placed firmly in cheek. Either you're on board, or you're not. Check out the crazy ass trailer below and decide on your own.

Sold! Stoked for Aug. 2. What say you?

I'd sound off on who's in this beast, but you already know. Now, I'm gonna watch the trailer again!

Source: Fast & Furious

Review: The Wind

Given the superstitious nature of the era, and the wildness and isolation of its setting, the Western lends itself to a pairing with horror. These were lawless times, First Nations had many demons and spirits in their folklore, and people were willing to believe in ghosts and monsters.

There have been some good horror/Western hybrids, most recently Bone Tomahawk, and The Burrowers before it. How does the latest mashup, The Wind, fit into the mix? Stick with me!

The Wind is a slow-burn story about a frontierswoman who believes there's something evil about the land she and her husband have settled on. He dismisses her claims (what a dick!), only to have her paranoia increase when another couple settles nearby. Things go from bad to worse at this point, spoiler alert.

For the most part, The Wind is a really good ride. It's a quiet movie with stunning cinematography. Basement Dwellers, if you get the chance to see this on a big screen, it'd be worth the trip. Westerns are kno…

Review: Altered

Altered is a rare bird for us in The Basement. It's a movie Shawn and I have both seen, and even discussed on the show, but never formally reviewed. That being said, it's been out for a while, but not long enough to be considered a Retro Review.

So I said "fuck it," as I'm want to do, and decided to write something up anyway. Because we can do whatever the fuck we want here in The Basement.

Altered is director Eduardo Sanchez's follow up to The Blair Witch Project. Yup, this motherfucker (and I say that with the utmost respect) waited seven years to make another movie, after the groundbreaking success of his debut. I'd say that was a smart move, as he shows here just how many chops he has as a filmmaker.

This is a pretty accomplished piece of low-budget genre filmmaking. Gone is the found footage, and in its place we have a tightly wound and claustrophobic tale of a close encounter with a very unfriendly E.T.

There's scares, gore and a consistent sen…

Animated Addict: "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" (2018)

Spider-Man, Spider-Man!  Does whatever a spider can!

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Miles Morales witnesses the Kingpin murder Spider-Man.

Soon, he finds himself surrounded by a multiverse of possibilities and danger as he learns what it means to become a hero...

The story for "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", is entertaining, fun, and well crafted.  There aren't many moments where you're thinking about something other than the movie.  It had a great balance of action, humour, drama, and tension that flowed seamlessly from one scene to the next.  It would make a great novel in my opinion.

This movie also did a great job with the characters.  Miles, Peter B. Parker (an older alt-universe Peter), and Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen to fans) were developed wonderfully throughout the story.  They each had unique personalities that really complimented each other.  Although I'm not a Spider-Man fan in general, after watching this movie, I'm certainly interes…

Fame kills in rock 'n roll horror flick The 27 Club

We love our movies and our music here in The Basement, so blending the two into one film seems like a sure-fire win in our books. Add music icon Todd Rundgren to the mix, and consider us doubly interested.

Rundgren co-stars in The 27 Club, which is about an aspiring singer and journalist who investigate the so-called 27 Club -- musicians like Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin who died at the peak of their fame at 27 years of age -- only to get caught in a supernatural web.

You can check out the trailer below:

Cleopatra Entertainment releases The 27 Club on VOD platforms worldwide April 23. The flick also receives a limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD/CD soundtrack release June 11. The soundtrack features music by Rundgren, Die Krupps, Evante and Knox.

Oh, and the movie is directed by Patrick Fogarty.

What do you think? Does The 27 Club look like it's worth the watch?

Source: Cleopatra Entertainment