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About The Basement

We are Jason, Shawn and Mike S, and We Came from the Basement. But what is The Basement?

The Basement is where movies are watched, mocked, thrilled upon and yelled at. It's where Jason, Shawn, Amy Wickenheiser, Anthony Michael Bosa, Mike S, Kara Evans, Suzanne Cappelletti and a host of other Basement Dwellers gather to be entertained.

It's also where From The Basement began before moving onto 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops, the campus/community radio station at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C., Canada. The series ran for three and a half season and entertained a listenership of about 8,500.

The half-hour show currently broadcasts Fridays at 6:05 p.m. on Radio NL 610AM Kamloops.

The Basement has interviewed dozens of guests, including John Fallon of Arrow in the Head, actress Leah Cairns of 88 Minutes and Battlestar: Galactica fame, New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten, award-winning scream queens Brooke Lewis and Jessica Cameron, Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary directors Jen and Sylvia Soska, Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, Friday the 13th composer Harry Manfredini, acclaimed genre director Darren Lynn Bousman, The Art of the Steal producer Nicholas Tabarrok and Radio Silence, the film collective behind the 20th Century Fox release Devil's Due .

We've also interviewed the cast and crew of 6 Degrees of Hell, including 1980s icon Corey Feldman, hung out with, and interviewed Fred "The Hammer" Williamson and chatted with the world's leading expert on UFOs, Nick Pope.

In March 2012 we hosted the inaugural Dark Fest, a mini-grindhouse festival within the Kamloops Canadian and International Film Festival, with Fallon on hand to kick the event off with his films.

As for Kamloops, the city is no stranger to movies and television. The 'Loops has hosted such productions as The X-Files, Battlestar: Galactica, Shooter, Alien Trespass, The A-Team, 2012 and Firewall.

Jason: is a graduate of Vancouver Film School, was cinematographer on the award winning documentary Sky Hospital and kinda sorta met David Duchovny in a movie theatre washroom in Vancouver. Duchovny probably doesn't remember. His screenplay The Shadowing, which he co-wote with John Fallon, is in active development. He also wrote the screenplays Crossed Wires and The Boat. Jason hosts Luvin' the Loops on Radio NL Saturdays at 8 a.m. Ryan Reynolds has been accused of looking like him, but we're sure he denies it.

Shawn: has no film degree, but has a head full of movie facts and trivia. His favourite movies are the kind where he gets to watch stuff blow up, and he really hates it when an actress doesn't show her boobies during a shower scene. An avid musician, Shawn composed the score for the upcoming supernatural film The Shelter and is lead singer for the metal band Burn It All.

Amy: is one of the stars of John Fallon's directorial debut The Shelter starring Michael Pare. She's also a podcaster and personality for Geek Drunk, a site dedicated to nerd culture, and Killer Film, which is dedicated to, well, film. AND she recently launched her own film production company. An avid comic-book fan, especially when it comes to Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, Amy will stoically defend comic-book movies to her death.

Mike S: The S got his start reviewing movies for From The Basement in 2011. His first review was a thrashing of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, and moviegoers have never let him forget it. He is the mastermind behind The Corner of Terror blog and its successful spinoff, What Movie Wednesday.

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