Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shawn versus Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Shawn here, reporting in, sir.

Last weekend our "free movie tickets" expired.  We had to use them up.

Wasn't much playing at our local theater, that we could all go see as a family, that wouldn't cause someone to fall asleep or eat all the popcorn during the previews.

So, we settled on Capt'n America.

I didn't enjoy the first Cap very much, so I wasn't looking forward to this. But I did enjoy The Avengers.

Here's the thing.  If the movie, derived from a comic book, doesn't give me eye candy, I'll read the comic.  The first Captain America fell short there and was too long in the story, in my opinion..

What they did in the second one, was similar to how stories are laid out, in cartoon series' of The Avengers or Justice League...for example.

This movie's vibe in presentation and eye candy felt more like the movie The Avengers. Just this one was focused on the Cap, Black Widow and Fury, himself.  Like an episode of The Avengers cartoon, only centralized around these three, this time. (The rest must have been on a mission)haha

This is a winning format, that could last forever, as it was a live action version of the way the cartoons utilized story formatting.

Since these are generally superhero movies, the story lines aren't supposed to be "brilliant" or award winning, they're just what comic and hero fans want to see. Mostly.  This story was pretty rad.

Scarlett Johansson is always a welcome sight and a great little fight sequence with George St-Pierre... Awesome.

I'd give this a go again, so I gotta give it a Good.
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