Friday, May 9, 2014

Werewolf tale The Lycanthropist gets a teaser poster

We've said this before, but Shawn and I feel very fortunate to have met some super cool people during our five years on the Interwebs. Some of them we're even thrilled to include among our circle of friends. Blu de Golyer is one of them.

Blu's name probably sounds familiar to regular Basementites. That's because he's the creative mind behind House of Good and Evil and Hillbilly Horror Show. Now the screenwriter has another project on the go -- one that involves werewolves.

Called The Lycanthropist, Blu's flick is about a town that falls victim to a series of gruesome murders, prompting an FBI agent with a tattered past to team up with the local sheriff to stop the beast.

I've read the first 14 pages of the script, and it's pretty damn good. Blu promises to put a twist on the traditional werewolf tale, which I'm all for. The world needs more werewolf movies, and this is shaping up to be a gooder.

The flick shoots this September in southwest Virginia, so expect some casting announcements soon. In the meantime, here's that poster promised to you in the headline.

Source: Shooting Creek Films
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