Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kevin Smith grows some Tusks.

Kevin Smith is no stranger to the strange, as anyone familiar with the conversational antics of the SModcast Podcast Network will be aware.  His departure from the comedic realms of New Jersey-based misfits, Red State, was no less strange, but far more creepy than I would have felt him capable of.

His follow-up, Tusk, is the second film in what is to be a horror trilogy by the potty-humoured writer/director/(silent actor?)/entrepreneur, and it is his strangest effort to date.

While it is difficult to get a lockdown on exactly what to expect from Tusk, the details so far imply a man being held hostage in the backwoods of Manitoba, slowly being transformed into a human/walrus hybrid. Sound silly? Too silly to be scary?  If you haven't seen Red State (now on Netflix) yet, it might be understandable to underestimate the potential of Kevin Smith to bring out the creepfest, and I suggest you remedy that.

While there is not even a teaser trailer yet, this teaser image is all I have to offer.  Filming is completed on Tusk (except for two days in LA, I believe), and we'll keep you posted with details as they become available.
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