Friday, May 16, 2014

Rob Zombie teases his next flick

That's right, the mad music man of horror, Rob Zombie, has a new movie heading our way, and all we know about it is it's called 31. And likely features a creepy looking clown.

How are we privy to this? The musician/filmmaker posted a teaser of sorts on his official website, showing little more that samplings of his past films and an image of a creepy looking clown. That's it.

But why tell you, when we can show you? Here you go:

How pumped you are for a new Rob Zombie movie depends on how much you like the man's work. I've dug everything he's done to varying degrees, and quite enjoy his trips to Haddonfield. I know his stuff isn't for everyone, but I appreciate that he has a singular vision and sticks with it.

As always, we'll bring you more on 31 as it develops.

Source: Rob Zombie
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