Thursday, May 15, 2014

Big beasts and slam poetry - the Monsters: Dark Continent trailer

It should come as no surprise that a trailer for the sequel to Gareth Edwards' Monsters appears just as the director makes his Hollywood debut with Godzilla. This has got people are talking about the follow up to the low budget hit. Even us.

What does surprise me is how big this flick looks. Monsters was a character story set in a world where aliens had taken roost on Earth. Shawn and Anthony Michael Bosa wanted more from the movie, a lot more.

I think this sequel will deliver on that front, if this trailer is in any way accurate:

That's pretty impressive. Military dudes. Apocalyptic road warrior dudes. Big fucking monsters. This has B-movie goodness written all over it. And the slam poetry suggests we might get some depth too. Don't ask me why. Just a hunch.

Monsters: Dark Continent follows a soldier who enters a municipal infected zone to rescue a comrade. Semper fi! The movie hits theatres Sept. 26.

Source: IGN
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