Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kid's Eye View: Godzilla

My name is Brandon. I am 11 years old. Shawn is my dad. He asked me if I could review the movie I saw today.

I went to see Godzilla with my friends. Here is my review.

IT WAS ....

It was really loud. But I like loud, because I have two smaller brothers who are noisy, which sometimes stops me from hearing shows or movies.

There were parts that didn't make a lot of sense, until all the monsters started showing up, but when they showed up, it was really cool.

The monsters looked so real, it was amazing. There were only two battles, but the end battle was amazing.

I also didn't know Godzilla could blow fire. Mostly because I'm young and haven't seen any other Godzilla movies. My daddy is going to fix that, though.

My favorite parts were the battle scenes, which took a long time to get to, but that is ok, it was worth the wait.

I would totally watch this movie again and again and hope we get the DVD for Christmas.

I guess that means I'm giving it a Good.
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