Friday, May 9, 2014

Matt Bellamy versus Neighbors

So, Zac Efron has a pretty spectacular body. Now that that's out of the way . . .

Was that a weird way to get this started? Maybe a little weird. Yeah, now it's weird. It's a large focal point of the movie though, and even factors into one of the film's final punch lines, so y'know, it serves a purpose. If that makes you uncomfortable, you do also get to see plenty of half-naked Seth Rogen as well.

Clearly, I do not know how to jump into this, so I'll just say this: get ready to laugh your flippin' ass off.

Neighbors will be a very big hit in this summer movie season, and it deserves to be because this is one genuine and sidesplittingly funny movie -- it could even go down as a classic. Big words, no doubt, but judging by the amount of constant laughter in the near sold-out theatre, and the buzz from everyone on the way out as the credits rolled, there is about to be a barrage of positive word-of-mouth on this thing all over social media. It'll be the kind of movie where, five years from now, folks will say it's overrated, stupid, and popular to hate (like Superbad) but it's still hilarious, and people just enjoy acting ridiculous towards things others like. Just watch. It'll happen.

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne (in her native Australian accent, so hot) play the titular couple, and new parents, who are ready to settle down and become a family. They just moved into a very nice new house, in a quaint, safe, Better Homes and Garden type neighbourhood. That could be a movie right there: young couple deals with the trials and tribulations of parenthood, as well as transitioning into adulthood, and learning what responsibility really means. Been there. Done that.

How about if a wild and rowdy fraternity moves in next door, threatening their livelihood and newfound maturity? Now we're talking. The frat, led by Zac Efron and Dave Franco, parties 24/7 with music pumping so loud that it's only a matter of time until the new parents have to confront them to please "keep it down." They know it's just about the most uncool thing they could do, making them sound "old" but baby needs to sleep! This can't go on! This eventually leads to all out war, and all out hilarity.

It's great to see a comedy know when to get in, and get out, without overstaying its welcome, or turning on the "this is where you're supposed to FEEL now" junk in the final act. Neighbors is all about being rude, crude, and consistently funny, all the while fitting into a tight 90 minutes. Please, take note Judd Apatow, a comedy does not need to be two and a half hours. This is how it's done. Judd Apatow is totally going to read this.

Now, this isn't a movie for people who are easily offended, as there is pervasive use of the F-bomb, as well as basically every other curse word under the sun, but if you more than welcome that kind of glorious content in your comedies, then this is a must see, especially if you manage to see it in a crowded theatre. A Good!
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