Monday, May 19, 2014

Suzanne Cappelletti versus Sorcerer

Being a big fan of director William Friedkin's work, I was very excited for this release. So, of course I backordered it. The wait was well worth it.

The story surrounds four men who have nowhere to go and are exiled to South America and working as laborers. In the first 30 minutes we learn about them and how they came to be in such a squalid place. I have to say here, that the scenery is tangible . . . You can feel the sweat and the dirt. It's beautifully filmed.

Moving on, there is an oil fire and a call for volunteers to drive unstable dynamite thru the jungle and mountains in beat-up trucks. Now the fun really ramps up! There are scenes that one will never be able to forget. I was very uncomfortable watching some of them knowing at any moment they could blow up. There are rope bridges, washed out roads, bandits. 

Roy Scheider portrayed a doomed man better than I could have imagined. There is plenty of action. You will be unnerved/ I know I was. The story is fantastic.

This is a remake of a 1953 movie called The Wages of Fear. I will have to watch this as well.

My final thoughts are this . . . Unsettling. This is so well crafted that you can smell the sweat. There are action sequences that will jar your bones.

On a scale of Good, Bad and Ugly, this is a Good. Very good . . . Watch it!!!

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