Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brooke Lewis is the Killer Rack

Everyone loves boobs right? Well, most guys do, that's for true. But how about if those boobs were out to get you? That question, and many more I'm sure, will be answered in the upcoming horror/comedy Killer Rack.

That's right, someone -- the creator of Slime City Massacre actually -- is making a movie about murderous boobs. And I'm gonna see how many times I can use the word boobs in this article about killer boobs.

What instantly makes this evil boob movie worth seeing is it features our good friend, and favourite scream queen, Brooke Lewis. Brooke lends her voice to the tit-ular creature (get it), which is just awesome.

"Bring on the boobs," she's quoted as saying in the official press release.

Brooke said she's been labelled buxom and voluptuous since her teens, and has had body image issues because of it. Getting to play a killer pair of boobs allows her to have fun with it.

Written by Paul McGinnis and directed by Gregory Lamberson, Killer Rack also stars newcomer Jessica Zwolak as the woman who, um, inherits the murderous boobs. Debbie Rochon plays the doctor who implants her with them.

Killer Rack films in Buffalo, New York, this summer. And yeah, we can't wait to grope it . . . I mean see it.
Source: Brooke Lewis
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