Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Leigh Whannell will direct Insidious: Chapter 3

It's no secret James Wan won't be back to direct the third film in the Insidious franchise. Let's face it, the man is balls deep in the new Fast and Furious movie. He's a bit preoccupied.

Yet, given the financial success of the Insidious flicks, a third film was inevitable. In fact, it comes out next April.

But who has the chops to direct Insidious Chapter 3? Well, Blumhouse Productions has made a decision, and the horror giant has opted not to go with a veteran genre director. Instead, they've hired a man who knows the Insidious films as well as Wan.

Yup, screenwriter Leigh Whannell makes his directorial debut on Insidious: Chapter 3.

Although his first crack at the director's chair, Whannell has worked closely with Wan on the Saw and first two Insidious films. And the two are buddies, so I'm pretty sure Whannell can hit his bro up for advice.

I dig the Insidious movies a lot, and have high hopes for the third, which takes the saga in a new direction. The flick hits theatres April 3, 2015.

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