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Mike S's Top Five Horror Movie Posters

One of the things that attracts us to a movie- besides the trailers, is the movie posters.  They have to be eye catching, and able to hint at what the story's about without spoiling it.  They have to make you curious, and want to plunk down your cash to sit in a theatre seat and watch the movie.

So, with that in mind, I'm going to present my Top Five Horror Movie Posters:

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1.  Alien.  This is right at the top of my list for it's sheer simplicity and eeriness.  It let's you know that it involves an alien egg... and that no one will hear you scream.

The black background, simple white text, and the landscape at the bottom illustrates just how alone you'll feel as you experience whatever comes out of the glowing, misty green crack in the egg... and it won't be good...

Seriously, this movie poster is just a masterpiece of movie advertising and art rolled into one marvelous piece.

The movie itself was terrifying, and the poster is just a delightful hint about the horror that awaits.

Once again- just a masterpiece.

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2.  Halloween.  John Carpenter's masterpiece of cinematic horror.  The poster is no slouch, either.

Once again, the simplicity of it really appeals to me.  The way the hand and knife blend into the pumpkin is just genius.  And the tagline: "The Night He Came Home!".  It's brilliant because you don't know who "He" is- but you sure know you're gonna be afraid of him.

The blackness, and the rather sudden appearance of the knife wielding hand hints that the horror can- and will come at you from the shadows, while the pumpkin intimates that our killer may be of a supernatural origin... possibly from the shadows of legend and superstition.

One I would love to have on the wall of "The Corner of Terror", myself.

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3.  The Changeling.  I don't think this list would be complete without a poster from one of my all time favorite horror movies- The Changeling.

As with the previous two, this one displays a nice simplicity to it that really appeals to me.  Just the wheelchair casting a ghostly shadow surrounding by a deadly red aura.  Just a great use of colour to create a mood.

The tagline at the top is a bit much for me, but that's balanced out by the simplicity of the title combined with the slightly deranged look of the title font.

The whole thing has a unsettling, creepy feel to it that sends a shiver of pleased anticipation up and down my spine whenever I see it.  Hmmm... I may just have to watch the movie again after this article's done...

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4.  The Fog.  A John Carpenter movie makes the list a second time with this poster.  It's not as simple as the others above, but it's still a wonderful piece of advertising.

I love how it looks like the action is taking place in a spot light of sorts, with it dark everywhere else.  The look of horror on Jamie Lee Curtis's face as the single, decayed arm reaches through the gap in the door is just fantastic.

I also really like how the solidity of the door kinda dissolves into the ghostly light and mist coming from the other side.  The red of Jamie Lee Curtis's shirt really pops, and draws your eye to the centre and the look on her face.

My only complaint is the rather text heavy nature of the poster.  I found it a little distracting from the main image.  Other than that, another great horror movie poster.

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a larger look.
5.  The Woman in Black.  More of a VHS case cover than a movie poster, this image used for the 1989 British TV movie is great in my opinion.

The contrast of the gray scale and the sickly green is wonderful, and really hints at the unnatural nature of the Woman in Black.  I also loved how she's not centered, but off to the side a bit- once again hinting at the otherwordly origins of her.

The title font is fairly standard, but sufficient to add a slightly Gothic feel to the image.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend watching this version of the film.  You would not be disappointed, I think.

One I'd add to my wall for sure.

So, there we have it.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Let me know!


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