Tuesday, January 21, 2014

UPDATED: First Fast & Furious 7 teaser poster hits the web

Well, it seems like that cool poster below is fan made and was released via a fake Vin Diesel Twitter account. How do we know this? Because director James Wan said so via his Twitter account. And it's the real deal. He also acknowledges it's a pretty damn good poster!

Our bad, and sorry if we got anyone too excited :)

Here is the original post:

The latest Fast & Furious movie won't hit theatres until next April, having given up a summer release date so cast and crew can grieve the loss of series co-star Paul Walker, and figure out what the hell they're going to do next.

Today, Vin Diesel tweeted a teaser poster for the new movie, the seventh in what has become one of the most reliable franchises around. Check it:

Kind of a sad image, isn't it? The poster also hints at a possible solution as to how Universal and director James Wan will "work" Walker's death into the movie. There are rumours his almost twin brother, Cody Walker, could step in and shoot some scenes. It's been suggested that Walker's character will be retired, and not killed off.

I'm all for the retiring. Killing off Brian O'Conner would be, well, cold. They set up a good reason for the character to give up the heist game in Fast & Furious 6. Here's hoping the powers that be take the high road here, if you'll excuse the pun.

Source: Vin Diesel
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