Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scream queen contest winner comes with Baggage

Y'all remember Jeremiah Kipp, he who won our Win A Chat with a Scream Queen contest back in Season Three and made the exceptional short flick Crestfallen? Well, he's back!

I just had the pleasure of watching Jeremiah's latest short, Baggage -- a groovy 14-minute throwback to the tales found on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, only bloodier and a titch more disturbing.

Rob Dimension plays Benjamin, a normal guy trying to live his life and fit into society. We get to spend one day with Benjamin, and witness how his simple existence unfolds with unsettling results.

Dimension is great as Benjamin, and Jeremiah once again shows he's an accomplished filmmaker. Baggage is more of a straight-up genre piece than Crestfallen, and plays within the conventions of what we expect. It's expertly made.

As with any good Hitchcock tale, nothing is quite as it seems. I figured out the twist right away, but was still pulled along for the ride. And yeah, the last shot got me. Got me good.

The trailer for Baggage is below, and gives a hint at what audiences can expect. I hope people get to see it. Baggage is worth the watch. A Good for sure.

baggage from Action Media Productions on Vimeo.
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