Monday, July 30, 2012

Liam Neeson kills everyone in this domestic Taken 2 trailer

Little more than a month ago we showed you the international trailer for the sequel to Taken, a film everyone on the planet but Matt Bellamy liked. Now we've got the North American trailer for Taken 2, and it's not much different.

Sure, there's more action over classical music and a hint that Maggie Grace plays a bigger role than the victim this time around. What it doesn't show is Neeson gets taken too, and has to fight for his life while Grace comes to his aid.

I really hope this is good. The trailer is decent, but doesn't totally sell me. I know I will see it, but 20th Century Fox really needs to sell this movie in light of the negative impact the tragedy in Aurora has had on the movie-theatre experience.

Taken 2 opens Oct. 5

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