Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catch five minutes of Lockout

The more I see of the Guy Pearce/Maggie Grace action flick, the better it looks. And nothing gives a geek a real feel for a movie than five minutes of footage.

OK, four minutes and 51 seconds. Sue me! I double dog dare you!

This footage certainly lives up to the Die Hard-in-space potential of the premise, which sees Pearce break into an orbital prison to rescue Grace. Because who wouldn't do that for her?

I like what I see here, a lot. We get a zero-gravity punch up for starters. And smartass remarks. Knowing this was written and produced by action guru Luc Besson helps, 'cause all I'm in the mood to see here is a big, noisy, cheesy action film. Hopefully that's what Lockout brings when it opens April 20.

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