Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lockout poster features a babe and a big gun

A movie that's gone from zero to 60 on The Basement's must-see scale is the sci-fi/action film Lockout.

First, we got a look at the kick ass trailer (posted below) and now we've go the slick poster (posted above). It shows Guy Pearce in full action-hero mode with a big effing gun, hottie Maggie Grace and a bunch of explosions and shit. It's everything a poster for a flick like Lockout should be.

Oh yeah, the title's in there somewhere too.

Lockout is written and produced by action guru Luc Besson and stars Pearce as a wise-cracking anti-hero recruited to rescue Grace from an orbital prison. The film hits April 20 and look like all kinds of fun.

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