Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lock-Out trailer will kick your ass!

Another day, another trailer for a Guy Pearce movie? And he's playing a wisecracking sci-fi action hero? Hey, stranger things have happened!

And truth is stranger than fiction 'cause Pearce plays just that in the Luc Besson scripted Lock-Out, which we've got the trailer for below.

Pearce plays a convict who is offered his freedom if he saves the U.S. president's daughter from an orbital penal colony. Shades of Escape From New York/L.A.? Sure. Do we care? No. Why? Because Lock-Out looks great. And Maggie Grace stars as the president's daughter.

I've always dug Pearce. He's a good actor and capable of playing anything. Here he gets to cut loose and kick some ass. The movie looks like it does the same. Bring it!

But why try and explain when you can watch? Push play, sound off and check out Lock-Out when it lands in theatres April 20.

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