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Top 5 quotes from the Rambo franchise

It's Rambo Day, which means it's a day we celebrate all things Rambo. And no, we didn't make that up. It's a real thing, and part of the lead in to Rambo: Last Blood coming out on Friday.

We were going to celebrate by doing a Top 5 favourite Rambo kills, but the fine folks at Arrow in the Head already did something like that, so I figured why not share our favourite Rambo quotes. I like quotes. Quotes are good.

Anyway, here we go with our Top 5, in no particular order:

5) "They drew first blood." - John Rambo, First Blood (1982)

Because it's always cool when the hero references the title of the movie in a quote.

4) "Live for nothing, or die for something. Your call." - John Rambo, Rambo (2008)

Because it's 100-per-cent truth, and is the exclamation mark on a great monologue by Stallone.

3) "I could have killed 'em all. I could kill you. In town, you're the law. Out here, it's me. Don't push it, or I'll give you a wa…
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So my son is hooked on The Simpsons

It's hard to believe The Simpsons turns 30 this December. Dec. 17, to be exact.

I didn't discover the show until it's second or third season, when our local TV station started to broadcast it. It was a controversial program back in the day due to what was then deemed "racy" humour (tame by today's standards) and its portrayal of a family who loved, but couldn't quite stand, each other.

When you think about it, The Simpsons is probably the most accurate depiction of a family put on screen, but I digress...

I became obsessed with the show when I moved to The Big City, where reruns ran daily, and I was able to catch new episodes as they aired. I loved it. Could quote entire episodes. And although I'm biased, I figure the first eight or nine seasons are among the best television ever made.

Flash forward 24 years, and my son discovers The Simpsons on YouTube. Not entire episodes, just clips from various shows, mostly from the last few seasons, which I hav…

New Knives Out trailer promises a thrilling whodunnit

I am beyond stoked for Rian Johnson's upcoming whodunnit, Knives Out. It's got a killer cast, a hip energy, and what promises to be a potential series of films featuring Daniel Craig's Detective Benoit Blanc, a quirky hero in the vein of Agatha Christy's Poirot.

The film hits in November, and we've scored a new trailer that's a ton of fun to watch. If the finished film is equally so, this could be a winner for people tired of remakes, reboots and super-hero movies.

Check this out:

The buzz around this one is unusually huge, with advance word calling it an old-fashioned murder mystery with lots of stars and hilarious comedy. The word brilliant has been passed around too. Johnson IS a brilliant filmmaker. I love Brick, The Brothers Bloom and Looper a lot. And yes, I'm one of the few true Star Wars fans who enjoys The Last Jedi. Then again, I'm not a bitch...

Knives Out also stars Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Toni Collette, Don Fucking …

Be disturbed by A Young Man with High Potential

Not that young men with high potential should be disturbing. I was on such young man. Fortunately, I reached and exceeded my potential. Nothing to be scared of there, let alone disturbed by.

But the young man in Linus du Paoli's A Young Man with High Potential does indeed finding himself in a disturbing situation with a young woman who catches his eye. And things rapidly go downhill for him when she turns up dead.

Check this out:

Young Man With High Potential - Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

I gotta admit, this one looks good! Sure, it's not our usual tits-and-glory affair here in The Basement, but there's something haunting, and disturbing, about it. And I'm sure we can all relate to the protagonist of the piece in some way, at least those of us who started out shy before we found our game, so to speak.

Maybe not the hot-girl-turning-up-dead part, but you know what I mean...

This English-language-German thriller hits VOD today by way of Artsploitation Films, an…

Rambo: Last Blood red-band trailer promises a brutally satisfying good time

The movie gods have not been in my favour lately when it comes to checking out the latest releases in theatres. Sadly, it doesn't look like I'll be able to catch Rambo: Last Blood when it hits this weekend.

Sad face is sad.

But I will bloody well see it eventually! Until I do, I have this wonderful red-band teaser to satiate my bloodlust. Any concerns I had about this one not living up to the beautiful carnage of the 2008 film have been put to rest. Rambo is back, and things will get bloody!

Take a look:

What more can I say? Sylvester Stallone delivers on what he promises. What say you? You excited for Rambo: Last Blood? It comes out Friday, you know...

Source: IGN

So say we all...again; Battlestar: Galactica lives... again

The headline says it all.

With the streaming wars in full swing between Netflix, Disney, Apple and CBS, the Peacock network, otherwise known as NBC, is getting into the game. They're bringing back their beloved franchise from the late 70s to help fight the battle... Battlestar: Galactica.

Because everything that's old is new again, obviously. Did you know Battlestar: Galactica was previously, and successfully, rebooted on SyFy from 2004 to 2009?

Little is known about the latest incarnation, other than Mr. Robot showrunner Sam Esmail is involved, and the series takes place within the same universe as the 2004-2009 run. I grew up with the original Galactica, and enjoyed the 2000s redo very much. I don't know how much I can give a shit the third time around, but I'll try.

We're curious to see how the streaming wars play out. Disney has Star Wars, Apple has Jason Momoa's new series, and CBS has Star Trek. The NBC service, which is called Peacock, debuts April 2020…

Monday book review: Hawke's Prey by Reavis Z. Wortham

Who doesn't like a good shoot 'em up? Not a rhetorical question, but a valid one for action fans. We don't get a ton of them in book form, at least from where I've been sitting all these years. So I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across Hawke's Prey by Reavis Z. Wortham at my local supermarket.

Yeah, I bought a book at a super market. Wanna fight about it?

Didn't think so.

Anyway, Hawke's Prey is the first in a promised series of novels about a resourceful Texas Ranger. This first offering is best described as Die Hard -- starring Walker: Texas Ranger -- in a small-town courthouse. There's a snowstorm, terrorists, hostages, and our lone hero trying to save the day from inside said courthouse. Oh, and his wife and kids are in there too.

Fortunately, Wortham delivers more than a simple Die Hard clone. There's a strong supporting cast that helps wage war on the bad guys from the outside. Given Wortham's Texas roots, and a Texan's do-…

Review: 3 From Hell

Either you dig on Rob Zombie's grindhouse, white-trash sensibilities or you don't. He can be hit and miss for me. I actually liked what he did with Halloween, both the 2007 version and its sequel, but had a hard time getting behind some of his other work (I'm talking about YOU, Lords of Salem!).

Hence I went into 3 From Hell with a little trepidation. I appreciate House of 1000 Corpses for what it is, but got a lot more enjoyment out of The Devil's Rejects. Taking the sadistic villains from one movie, and essentially making them the sadistic "heroes" of another was a ballsy move, and Zombie made it work.

Thankfully what worked in The Devil's Rejects still works 14 years later with 3 From Hell. Yes, Otis, Baby, Captain Spaulding and newcomer Winslow Foxworth Coltrane are horrible people, and do horrible things to other people, but I found myself rooting for them by the end. Bill Moseley summed it up best during my interview with him; there's a part of…

Gamer review: Borderlands 3

I've been a fan of the Borderlands franchise since the first game hit a decade ago. Yes, a decade ago! Feel old yet? Well, I do...

Ahem, back to this review. Anyway, like I said; I've enjoyed this series of first-person shooters since the first one came out. It stands to reason I should like the latest incarnation, which dropped on Friday the 13th, right?


My wife is more the active gamer in our family, but I like what I like. And I like me Borderlands 3 a lot. It's got everything I enjoy about the previous games -- dark sense of humour, cool comic-book style graphics, gunsgunsguns -- and adds slick new characters, fancy weapons, and some groovy moves to... well... move the game along.

No, I haven't finished the game yet. I have a life, believe it or not, and a family. Although I'm having trouble remembering their names because I have played a lot of Borderlands 3 lately. He he. Yarp.

OK, the ability to slide and clamber are the real standouts so far. Slidin…

From the Corner: The Fog (1980)

I love John Carpenter movies.

I also love foggy nights.

I love that there's a movie that combines both these two loves of my life.

John Carpenter's "The Fog"!

A small coastal American town is celebrating their 100th Anniversary.  Strange phenomena, and the discovery of a fishing vessel with all of it's crew drowned below decks marks the beginning of a night of ghostly horror... all accompanied by the slowly creeping fog swallowing up the town in its depths...

"The Fog", is an excellent little ghost story.  It's spooky, suspenseful, and mysterious all at the same time.  The sort of story you'd tell on a dark night around a campfire... which is how this movie starts out, actually.  The opening of the "Sea Captain" about to tell one last ghost story helps to set the mood and tone of the rest of the movie.

One of the best opening scenes of a movie I've seen in a long time.  Don't believe me?  Check it out:

Just a masterpiece of exp…