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Agramon's Gate, VFW and Camp Cold Brook

It's Saturday morning; time to shake off that hangover, grab your favourite blend, and tune in to the latest podcast... From The Basement!

For those who didn't listen last night on the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Kamloops, and for the those who want to hear it again, we've got a slew of reviews for your ear holes this week. What's up first? The supernatural thriller Agramon's Gate from director Harley Wallen, and starring genre vets Lauren Landon and Yan Birch. Do qualified horror actors make for a good horror movie? Stick with us!

Don't touch that dial; there's more! A lot more! Jason and Shawn take in -- and take down -- new genre releases VFW starring Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson and William Sadler, and the Joe Dante produced Camp Cold Brook. One's a loving ode to early John Carpenter, the other a nod to reality paranormal television. Are they worthy of the chopping block?

Plus Mike S returns for another review, The Basement Boys provide the weekend run…
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Review: Agramon's Gate

The late, great film critic Roger Ebert once wrote "I hated, hated, hated this movie." And that's how I feel about the new horror flick Agramon's Gate.

It's a study in bad: bad acting, bad line delivery (yup, going there), and bad special effects. There are no scares -- nor suspense even -- and director Harley Wallen hired the worst tough-cop actor in the history of tough-cop actors. It's like someone blew a bunch of cocaine in his face before they yelled "action."

I'm not gonna belabour this, but I couldn't find one single thing to like about Agramon's Gate. I've seen similar movies -- group of friends invite something evil into our world using a Ouija board -- countless times, and done better. Way better. And shorter. At an hour and 49 minutes, Agramon's Gate is way too long for the type of movie it is.

Shawn got so mad at this one he threw his remote at the TV once it was over. I started skipping ahead minutes at a time. I ju…

#52BottlesOfBeer: 08- Red Collar Brewing Wobbly Bob

Friday!  It's Friday!  It's tip and sip time!

This week, I wobble my way though a bottle of Red Collar Brewing's Wobbly Bob strong beer.

I love the way the red, yellow, and green contrast each other, while also complimenting each other.  It's a fairly straightforward label that has a classic "old school" feel and look to it.  Reminds me a bit of the beer and pop labels from the 50's.  A nice, well balanced label in my opinion.

The Wobbly Bob has a nice, silky amber colour and texture to it.  The head of foam is also a nice contrasting cream colour, and manages to keep it's form when poured.  Seeing the way the light played within its depths was soothing, and quite appealing.

This brew is smooth from the first sip to the last.  It's a strong beer, and does tickle the taste buds with a bit of force- but not so much that you think you're over your head.  The taste is consistant from start to finish, with no jarring changes in flavour along the w…

Brahms answers The Call of the Wild

How quickly the weeks fly by... but that's OK, because it means it's time once again for a broadcast From The Basement!

And Jason and Shawn have a few films to review and discuss when they take to the Radio NL 610 AM airwaves at 6:05 tonight.

For one, they're reviewing the new horror film Agramon's Gate from indie director Harley Wallen. It's a little bit of Paranormal Activity, and a little bit of The Exorcist. But is it any good? Stick with us!

And stick around as The Basement Boys take in two other genre offerings, VFW starring Stephan Lang and Fred Williamson, and Camp Cold Brook featuring scream queen Danielle Harris. There's also the weekend rundown, which includes new releases Brahms: The Boy 2 and Harrison Ford in The Call of the Wild.

Toss in a new review from Mike S and you're ready to tune in via the 610 AM dial or the player to your right. Either way, a good time will be had by all!

Marcus Flor versus Hausu, AKA House (1977)

There are times when I find something so incredibly weird and out there, and I absolutely love it.

The stranger gem I'm talking about is the incredibly Japanese horror (?) film Hausu, AKA House. On paper it is an extremely simple movie; a high schooler and her friends visit her aunt in the country, and things get paranormal.

The movie you actually get is a psychedelic, cooky trip that's both hilarious and horrifying. House has a distinct, quirky character that makes its dated effects fit perfectly. It also has a bit of a satirical edge, with each main girl being an over-the-top stereotype of horror characters.

This was supposed to be Japan's answer to Jaws, and in many ways it's the most Japanese response to a blockbuster. Find something to drink and/or smoke. grab your most open-minded friends, and experience something you'll never forget. House is a strange Good.

Shock doc Facing East lands trailer, poster

It's being called the most shocking documentary of the year, and Uncork'd Entertainment will unleash it on audiences in a few short weeks.

Facing East is an expose on a U.S. cemetery that re-used its graves over and over, to the tune of more than 100,000 disturbed burial sites. Owners and operators of Eastern Cemetery systematically took advantage of low-income families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Twenty-five years after the cemetery was abandoned, the Friends of Eastern Cemetery formed to provide care and upkeep the burial ground desperately needed.

Check out the trailer:

A sad story, and definitely one we in The Basement intend to check out. Facing East hits On Demand March 17.

Source: Uncork'd Entertainment

Into the MCU: "The Avengers" (2012)

This week as we travel through the MCU, we stop off at the movie that changed comic book movies- and franchises in general: 2012's "The Avengers".

This movie completed the evolution of Marvel's concept of a shared movie universe that would bring multiple franchises together under one franchise.  This would lead to studios from trying to look for franchises that could potentially share a universe and interact together (like Legendary's successful incorporation of the Godzilla and King Kong franchises, or Universal's failed Dark Universe bringing the "Universal Monsters" together).

But as a movie itself, it's a moderately good film.  The story is certainly interesting, and engaging.  The little twists, turns and threads coming together to the grande finale kept me watching.

For me, the flaw was the characters.  I loved the development of Captain America, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner/Hulk.  I was a little disappointed in how little Thor, Hawkeye,…

Review: Camp Cold Brook

There was a point during my watch of Camp Cold Brook where I lost track of the time.

You see, I'm usually pretty aware of where I'm at in a film's running time, and how much movie I've got left. The worse the movie, the more aware I am. But I paused Camp Cold Brook so I could grab a drink and realized I had a half hour left. The movie was almost over, and I wasn't ready for things to end.

THAT is the sign of a good movie!

Sure, there's nothing new or different about Camp Cold Brook. We've seen flicks about reality TV shows going into a haunted setting, only to become victims of the location before. But producer Joe Dante, director Andy Palmer and screenwriter Alex Carl went and did it better than most with a good story (for the type), likeable characters, and some moments of genuine suspense. If you don't have the money for lots of gore and special effects, and you're not looking to go the splatter/exploitation route, this is how you get it done.


Thrash Wrestling: Running Roughsod headed for Westbank

Buckle up, Westbank wrestling fans. You're about to get run roughshod!

The current Thrash Wrestling hotshot, Danny Duggan, has defended his belt all across Canada, and even into the United States, proving to be the most dominant champion in the title's lengthy tenure. He's done so with wins over impact stars Jimmy Jacobs, and Ring of Honour stars like TK O'Ryan and Brian Johnson.

Duggan returns to the Thrash ring with a new contender in sight: Super Evil Bloody Death Hell Elimination Tournament 18 winner, and former champion, Camaro Cope!

Fans witnessed Duggan defeat Cope in Penticton last August, only for Cope to win it back the next night in what many consider Thrash Wrestling's match of the year. Does the Northern Nightmare have what it takes once more? The stakes couldn't be higher!

The action kicks off at 7:30 p.m. this Friday at the Westbank Lions Community Centre. Tickets are on sale at Whiski-Jack's Cold Beer and Liquor Store, or online.

Stick with…

Review: VFW

God damn, I loved this movie!

I'd come off yet another lousy screener (you'll hear all about it on Friday's show) and just wanted to watch a low-budget horror movie that knew what it wanted to deliver, and followed through with gusto. Which is when I bet my hard-earned rental dollar on Joe Begos' VFW.

I really liked Begos' first flick, Almost Human. He had no money, early John Carpenter sensibilities, and made it work. Now he's got more money, a name cast, and he's still embracing early Carpenter... right down to the score and concept.

See, a desperate teen with a bag full of drugs runs into the local VFW with a street gang hot on her tail. Fortunately for her, this VFW is frequented by the likes of Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson, William Sadler and Martin Cover. Let's just say the street gang doesn't stand a chance.

Think Assault on Precinct 13 meets Class of 1984 -- with a little bit of Escape from New York and The Wild Bunch thrown in for good me…