Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Drunken Review: Victor Crowley

What the hell, Jay!?! Another Drunken Review? The heck is a matter with you? You on vacation or something?

As a matter of fact, I am. And it's almost over. Now piss off and let me review (ish) Victor Crowley before I pass out, would yah!

Not a question. A statement.

Few movies are better suited for a Drunken Review than a slasher movie. They are tailored made for such things. Hot chicks? Check. Gore? Check. Bad comedy? Check. Kills? If kills aren't lumped into the same category as gore, check. As long as all these checks are, well, checked, then you're golden.

Victory Crowley isn't the best of the Hatchet sequels. Hatchet 3 still gets that ranking in my book. The humour is the weakest here, and some of the scenes drag on too long. Like a beer each. But hey, not every flick is perfect.

When things cook, they cook with gas. There's some awesome kills in this movie, and yes, they are gory. Victor Crowley has always murdered good, and he continues to do so here. And thank you, Laurie Ortiz, for having a body that doesn't quit. Dammit, I think I've set myself up for a . . . not gonna say it.

Writer/director Adam Green made it big with the original Hatchet, and it was nice to have him and his sensibilities back for Victor Crowley. And thank you, sir, for keeping Kane Hodder in the Crowley role. The man knows how to own a slasher-icon role.

If you dug the other Hatchet flicks, you'll likely enjoy Victor Crowley. I have liked them all, and I had fun with this one too. A Good from me.

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