Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Netflix Top 5 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Those pretentious bastards and bastardette are back with more podcast goodness designed to pleasure your ear holes. This time Jason, Shawn and Amy are fulfilling a fan's request to break down what the Basement Dwellers consider the best of the best on U.S. and Canadian Netflix.

That's right, between Canucks Jason and Shawn, and transplanted Canuck Amy down in the Good ole U.S. of U., the crew feel they've got a pretty good handle on what's worth watching on the popular streaming service.

This is the first of what could become a monthly-ish instalment on the show. Because, with so many TV shows, docs and movies to choose from -- and programming added all the time -- there's certainly more than five things worth watching. What do the Terrible Trio go with this go around? Stick with us!

Plus, a hardcore Superman fan like Shawn, and comic-book expert like Amy, aren't going to let the drop of the much anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer go by without some pointed discussion. And what does a super-hero burnout like Jason think? Push play on the player below and find out.

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