Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Captain America: Civil War trailer is here

Like fanboys needed to know anything else other than the official trailer for the much anticipated Captain American: Civil War has finally appeared online. That, as Stan Lee would say, is 'nuff said.

But we have to say something more, don't we? How about it comes out in May? It does. There. Now go watch it.

Although this Civil War seems to deviate from the comic's storyline, I'm sure few will have any real complaints. The gang from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all here, and this could be Robert Downey Jr's final appearance as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Butts will be in seats.

I've had my fill of super-hero movies, but I dug the shit out of Winter Soldier, so I'll see this eventually. Everyone else on the planet will see it May 5.

Source: JoBlo

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