Thursday, October 1, 2015

Five years later . . .

What a difference a half decade can make. It was Friday, Oct. 1, 2010 when our little show that could launched on 92.5FM CFBX at 10 p.m. and the world changed for Shawn and I.

We were called Film Reviews from the Basement back then, and had spent one season slugging it out as a moderately successful podcast. Then Steve Marlow and Brant Zwicker of The X (pictured above) took a chance on a couple of aging film geeks -- we had originally approached them about having some ads for the podcast play on the air, they had a better idea -- and the rest is history.

That first episode has long disappeared into the ether, but it set the groundwork for what was to come on a weekly basis -- two movie reviews, a few songs, and lively banter. A week later we broadcast our first ever interview,  some guy named John Fallon, and were fully off and running.

A lot has changed for Shawn and I and the show since, but we both remember our first live-radio experience fondly. Doing radio is a rush like no other, and it gets in your blood. We still miss it, from time to time.

Although we can't share with you that premiere episode, I thought it might be fun to post our written micro reviews (remember those?) of the two flicks we reviewed that fateful Friday night. Just a little something for nostalgia sake.

A big thanks to everyone who has stuck with us since, and welcomed Shawn and I back these last several weeks. All I can promise is we're not done in The Basement yet. Not by a long shot.

Stick with us!


Jason: The latest effort from writer/director Neil Marshall highlights his talent for crafting exciting action and suspense sequences but lacks the tightness of script he showed in earlier efforts Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Events don't happen out of logic, but because the screenplay requires them to. As a result, Centurion feels contrived and isn't as much fun to watch as Marshall's earlier work. I hope he abandons his loftier ambitions and returns to his low budget roots, much like a certain Spider-Man director. A Bad rating from me.

Shawn: Why do you need to start such an exciting movie with a slow, slow, slow opening credit sequence? Whoa. Blood. What a great movie!  The story was awesome, and I went through most of the movie not really knowing who to cheer for. Actually, there wasn't really a side you could pick. This was a cool emotion, because the vengeance by either side was served up with a fantastic amount of blood. Ha ha! A Good review from this Basement dweller.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Shawn: Can't even describe it.  I watched it in 10-minute increments per day.  That was all I could take.  I made it through it all, but damn.  I've been subjected to stupid movies before, but not like this.Actually, the idea was cool, but the movie is terrible. There is no need to turn some ideas into movies.  The only emotion it evoked from me was hate.  I wasn't offended by it, I wasn't intrigued by it, and I most certainly was not entertained by it. Ugly!

Jason: A taut, intense and well-crafted little thriller with three characters and one location. Has all the trappings of a classic Alfred Hitchcock film and works them to great affect. The first 10 minutes are all action and no dialogue. The first 30 minutes are the film's best, but the rest is well worth the ride. Gemma Arterton deserves an award for delivering such a good performance despite being restrained for so much of the movie. Not something I could watch regularly, but still a Good review from yours truly.


  1. I remember those early days. Hell of a listen. Thanks for being a big part of CFBX.