Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Halloween Spooktacular V

Last Halloween, Jason and Shawn played the cruelest of tricks on Basementites everywhere . . . they quit! Fortunately, they suck at quitting, and the Basement Boys are back for their annual Halloween Spooktacular!

And Halloween just isn't Halloween without The Basement's No. 1 Scream Queen -- Brooke Lewis! That's right guys and ghouls, Brooke is back to help Jason, Shawn and new co-host Amy Wickenheiser entertain your asses.

Jason, Shawn, Amy and Brooke pack a lot into this 44-minute fright fest, including what spooky things they intend to watch once the trick or treating has died down and the party ended. Plus there's a guest appearance by everyone's favourite bloodsucking self-help fiendette, Ms. Vampy!

This time the undead diva has some dating dos and don'ts to offer those who are looking for love on All Hallows' Eve, because love and fear go hand and hand, at least for horror fans. Just make sure there are no guys in hockey masks wandering around.

The latest from The Basement isn't just Brooke's return, or Amy's first official stint as sometime co-host. It's also the first new-format episode, which takes a step away from film discussion and moves into the realm of an entertainment-based "hang out" of like-minded people.

But the spirit of The Basement remains, along with the spirit of the Halloween Spooktacular that's entertained Basementites all these years. And you can hear it by pushing play on the player below.

Stick with us, and Happy Halloween!

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