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The X-Files trailer pledges the truth is still out there

The debut of The X-Files revival is only months away, so it was high time the big wigs at Fox actually gave us a good look at Chris Carter's return to his magnum opus.

Given how many X-Files fans are still out there, and the return of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to the roles that made them famous, there was a lot riding -- for me at least -- on this full-length trailer for the limited TV series. Does it live up to the hype and anticipation?

Sunday Night at the Movies: Insidious Chapter 3

One failed attempt later and this pretentious non-film critic finally gets to see the latest instalment of one of his favourite modern horror franchises. Sure, the Insidious movies aren't for everyone, but enough people grooved on these flicks to produce a trilogy. Is the third time the charm or not? Stick with me!

I've never understood the hate some horror fans have toward James Wan and Leigh Whannell's horror series. I've likened the Insidious movies to the Poltergeist films of our modern age. Likeable family + spooky spirits = good time. Granted, shit is very different this time around. But, if you didn't dig the first two chapters in the Insidious series, than you probably won't like the third.

John Fallon, Bobby Holbrook and The Shelter

It's a packed house in The Basement this episode as Jason and Shawn are joined by writer/director -- and all around bro -- John Fallon and director of photography Bobby Holbrook of Holbrook Multi Media to discuss their feature flick The Shelter.

You know, The Shelter? We've talked about it a lot here. Most recently about the movie's turn at Frightfest and Jason officially shared a few thoughts a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and Shawn did the music.

Sunday Night at the Movies: San Andreas

It's a rare event when my wife tells me I'm not allowed to watch a movie without her, but San Andreas was one of those events. So, when a Blu-ray screener crossed The Basement's path, we had a disaster date night perfectly lined up. Was The Rock's latest up to snuff for this carnage prone couple? Stick with me!

First off, San Andreas is no Mad Max: Fury Road or Skyfall. It's not a classic by any stretch of the imagination. But it's a pleasant enough diversion, offering the sort of large scale destruction and spectacle Hollywood excels at. Shit gets smashed good in San Andreas, and it's nice to look at.

Q & A: Linnea Sage

If there’s one thing – and there is more than one thing, by the way – that’s refreshing about the new web series Wildcats it’s that it’s got something to say. Sure, it’s funny, and the cast – led by New York actor Linnea Sage – are particularly funny, but it encompasses an important and empowering message that most television series, let alone web series would be bothered or brave enough to include.

Jason talks Cooties

A horror movie involving murderous children can be a precarious idea. I mean, come on. You don't mess with kids in our modern society. Or at all. Period. They are sacred. As I parent, I get that. Add in some black humour and the whole idea of a horror/comedy about murderous children should be sacrilege. Right? I said right?

Stick with me!

The Ultimate Basement Movie and Krampus

What would the Ultimate Basement Movie be? You know, the best movie for guys like Jason and Shawn who like the same kind of movies that Jason and Shawn like? Would it be a cross between John Wick and the Fast and the Furious franchise starring the staff of Hooters?

That question, along with several others, will be answered on this, the third podcast into the new run of We Came from the Basement. As for that Ultimate Basement Movie -- stick with us!

Q & A: Director Neil Johnson

Brit filmmaker Neil Johnson, director of Starship : Rising and To Become One, is back with another fun science-fiction film, Doomsday.

Krampus trailer spreads Christmas fear

Being a Halloween man myself, I haven't really bought into the whole Christmas thing since I was a kid. More so now that I am a father for sure, but the scariest night of the year is still my favourite holiday.

So when writer/director Michael Dougherty, he who made the Halloween-themed classic Trick r Treat, announced he was making a movie based on the Krampus legend, I got real excited. Now that I've seen the trailer for what I am sure will be a holiday classic -- MY kind of holiday classic -- I eagerly awaiting the flick's Dec. 4 release date.

Q & A: Pandie Suicide

Tattooed model and actress Pandie Suicide, best known for her work in music videos and horror films, has written and starred in a new film called Massacre. We caught up with the amiable New Zealander to discuss her bloody new jaunt.