Sunday, September 27, 2015

John Fallon, Bobby Holbrook and The Shelter

It's a packed house in The Basement this episode as Jason and Shawn are joined by writer/director -- and all around bro -- John Fallon and director of photography Bobby Holbrook of Holbrook Multi Media to discuss their feature flick The Shelter.

You know, The Shelter? We've talked about it a lot here. Most recently about the movie's turn at Frightfest and Jason officially shared a few thoughts a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and Shawn did the music.

That's right. THAT movie.

This episode from The Basement is all The Shelter, all the time, as Jason and Shawn get into it with John and Bobby, discussing the flick's screening at Frightfest, the production proper, star Michael Pare's performance, and what's in store for the future.

Basementites know John and his brand of humour -- and how that vibes with The Basement Boys -- so it's going to be a fun and irreverent conversation for sure. And Bobby will provide great insight into the filmmaking process. A must listen for shizzle!

And how do you listen? Push play below and enjoy, bitches!

Keep tabs on The Shelter via Facebook, Twitter and the official site.

PS: in the pic above, that's sound guy Colby Huval on the left, John in the middle, and Bobby on the right.

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