Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Q & A: Pandie Suicide

Tattooed model and actress Pandie Suicide, best known for her work in music videos and horror films, has written and starred in a new film called Massacre. We caught up with the amiable New Zealander to discuss her bloody new jaunt.

How has your year been so far, Pandie?
Great thank you! It's been a very busy year so far getting my short slasher flick 'Massacre' completed, along with playing roles in other projects!
Massacre is in the can now, is that right?
Yes indeed it is. We shot the film in Los Angeles in December of last year, so the film has been in the can a little while! It took some time to do the post-production, most of which was done back home in New Zealand at Park Road Post Production and edited by Greg Daniels, all under the supervision of the wonderful Jamie Selkirk.
How did that come together?
The film was directed by Erik Boccio who is a great director who has shot a lot of films for funnyordie.com under the name 'Weirdfellas' and he brought on Damian Lea to help produce as well as Evan Pesses to DP the film and a whole great crew. I wrote and produced Massacre as well as playing the lead role of Marianne James, a girl who wakes up at the site of a bloody mass murder and can't remember what happened. I play a blonde girl with no tattoos which is quite a departure for me from my everyday look! We have a bit of a rockstar cast with Billy Morrison who plays guitar for Billy Idol and is also a talented actor, playing 'The Paramedic' and London May who is a bass player/drummer for the band Samhain among others, playing 'The Detective.' We also had an amazing score written for the film by Jeordie White who plays in Marilyn Manson and Rob Patterson who used to play in Korn and they also make a great cameo in the film too along with Jeff Hilliard and Katy Foley. The film actually just won an award at its very first film festival showing in August at the Fantasmagorical Film Festival in Louisville, KY, for the soundtrack so we are stoked! It's also playing next week on Friday September 11 at the Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis, London May will be there to introduce the film and probably answer a few questions, so if you're around I'd definitely suggest you go check it out!
And you fashioned it as a starring vehicle for yourself?
To be honest I didn't really fashion it as anything! The idea for Massacre came to me in an intense vivid dream. When I woke up from the dream I sat down and put pen to paper in my notebook and at the end of it I had a script for Massacre. It wasn't a conscious decision to write it, but a subconscious one.
Are your colleagues at Suicide Girls supportive of your films?
Sure, the girls and members that know about Massacre have all said great things when I've posted about it, and suicidegirls.com were kind enough to feature a blog post of mine about Massacre on the front page of the website which I appreciated as it really helped get the word out about it in the early stages. The Suicide Girls community as a whole is often quite supportive of artistic expressions and endeavours which I really think is great!
What was the best thing about being a Suicide Girl?
I still am a Suicide Girl, but the best part about being a model for the site is the community aspect of it. Some of my best friends are suicide girls who I met through the site!
Do you still model?
Yes all the time for clothing companies, magazines, print etc, I haven't shot for Suicide Girls in a little while but I think I might shoot one or two more sets before I decide to retire! I do enjoy shooting them, they're a lot of fun.
What was the first horror movie you ever saw?
It's hard to say exactly what the first horror movie I saw was, but, while it's not strictly quintessential horror per se,  I do remember watching the film 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' as a child over and over because I found a VHS tape my parents had of the flick, apparently my parents were Rocky Horror afficionados! I still love that movie to this day! I remember seeing some Peter Jackson splatter flicks on tele too back when I was quite young and being quite into them - 'Bad Taste', 'Meet the Feebles.' 'Jaws' is another one that sticks out too in my early memory.
And the last?
I watch a lot of horror movies, both new and old, but one I recently watched was Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's 'What We Do in the Shadows' which I loved, especially since the bar the vampires go to 'The Big Kumara', or 'The Big K' as I would call it is an actual bar that I remember going to back in the day when I was just starting university in New Zealand and I thought it was absolutely hilarious they chose that bar for them to go to. I also saw 'Fright Night 2' for the first time the other night which I liked too, probably on account of all the blood!

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