Friday, September 18, 2015

Jason talks Cooties

A horror movie involving murderous children can be a precarious idea. I mean, come on. You don't mess with kids in our modern society. Or at all. Period. They are sacred. As I parent, I get that. Add in some black humour and the whole idea of a horror/comedy about murderous children should be sacrilege. Right? I said right?

Stick with me!

Cooties is indeed a jet-black comedy about murderous children. So you've got a horror movie with a heavy dose of black comedy about kids committing violent acts and having violent acts committed against them. Is it scary? Funny? Both? None of the above?

Cooties is indeed more funny than it is scary, although I didn't laugh a ton. It's certainly got a few good belly laughs. Not enough to classify it as a full-on horror/comedy classic, but it is funny. Ish. If that makes sense.

If you find violent humour involving children funny, then Cooties will work for you. I did, up and to a point. And I'm a parent. But I'm also the exact opposite of politically correct, so fucking sue me, bitch!

Props must be given to co-writer/star Leigh Whannell, who penned the Saw and Insidious movies, and star/producer Elijah Wood, for having the balls to tackle a movie like this. It's certainly not for every taste, and will offend a lot of people, hence the limited release. And it's not great, but certainly not a bomb either. In fact, it's entertaining enough to be a decent Friday night time killer once, and only once, so I'd recommend it as such.

But if you have a thing about cinematic violence against children, don't bother. Cooties will just piss you off.

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