Thursday, March 27, 2014

Six seasons and a movie; is Community headed to the big screen?

That's the rumour as Dan Harmon's brilliant, but under seen, NBC comedy nears the end of its fifth season. Although ratings remain consistently low, Community is one of the few comedies on the network's lineup to stand the test of time.

Insiders at NBC and Sony are optimistic that Community will be back for a 13-episode sixth and final season. But what then? Word is Community could be resurrected on the big screen with director Justin Lin at the helm.

Yup, the same Justin Lin who directed the recent Fast and Furious movies. Why? Because he's directed several episodes of Community, that's why.

Stranger things have happened folks. Harmon himself is credited as saying he'd like the show to continue as a movie, and Community certainly has a strong following. Network ratings aren't as accurate a measure of a TV show's popularity anymore.

And, of course, six seasons and a movie has been a popular in-joke on Community for a while now, as the below clip referencing NBC's failed super-hero show The Cape attests to:

What say you? You ready for a Community movie? I'm game.

Source: TV Guide
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