Thursday, November 14, 2013

Horror Hottie Month: Ghost Team One, Standards of Living and the Jenna Payne interview

Horror. Hotties. All month long. That's the promise Jason and Shawn made, and they shall fulfill it during the next two episodes of Film Reviews from the Basement.

First up is an exclusive interview with award-winning filmmaker Jenna Payne, who is building to an indie-film coup with a line of projects as diverse as they are familiar. How diverse yet familiar? Two words: zompire vixens.

You're welcome.

Shawn sat down with Jenna for about 15 minutes to discuss her budding career and what it takes to make it in Hollywood. The end result is a fun and candid interview no Basement fan wants to miss.

And how about them movies on the chopping block? Check it, the Basement Boys are into a horror comedy double bill featuring horny ghost hunters and bad comedians.

First up is Ghost Team One, which features said horny ghost hunters, followed by Standards of Living. Not only is Standards of Living about a bad comedian, it's the first movie shot on an iPad2! That's right, an iPad2.

How do these films stack up? Stick with us and tune into the next podcast when it hits in the a.m.!

Now for a look at our feature presentations:

Ghost Team One

Standards of Living

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