Friday, May 10, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus House of Good and Evil

House of Good and Evil

Jason: House of Good and Evil is an interesting beast. It's a great example of how you write and direct a low-budget feature. One location, for the most part anyway, and a limited cast. This is pretty much a one-woman show. And Rachel Marie Lewis just kills it. She's hot, and she can act the pants off a businessman in Vegas. Gotta love a chick with that kind of talent. The flick has its flaws. It's too long and borders on melodrama at times. There's a big third-act twist that I won't give away. You'll dig it or you won't. At first I did, but the more I thought about it, the more annoyed I became. By the time everything sunk in, I felt I'd wasted my time. I wanted to give House of Good and Evil a Good because I dug so much of it, but the ending left me cold. A Bad it is.

Shawn: Without spoiling this movie, those who know me, know this is my least favorite style of movie. A time waster. This movie could be subject to two reviews, where I firstly review the technical side, but don't know shit about it . . . and say, "It looks great, it's acted VERY well, but is a shade too long, in which case I would give it a Bad." But, this is an opinion-based show. I dislike the style of movie, that makes you feel like you wasted your time by the end. It's like a big middle finger salute to the time invested. I found myself enjoying this movie, at the start, then the subtle hint was dropped that it was going to pan out the way I dreaded. The dropping of that hint disengaged my ability to care about any of the characters, because who knows who or what is r . . . I'll stop there. Because of this "twist," I have to give it an Ugly.
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