Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Basement wants you -- to pick the movie!

No, we're not muscling in on Mike S's What Movie Wednesday duties, but we're already looking ahead to season five and hope you Basementites can help us out.

See, we review about 44 to 48 movies a season, and finding that many B-grade horror, action and sci-fi flicks -- not to mention the odd comedy and documentary -- isn't always easy. This is where you, the listener, come in.

We want YOU to leave a comment here on the site or on our Facebook fan page and group page and let us know what movies you want us to watch. You can also email a suggestion to basementreviews@gmail.com.

We don't want our listeners to give us a whole season worth of films, but we'll watch a couple of fan picks here and there during season five. If we pick your flick, we'll send you some cool Basement swag.

There you have it -- You Pick the Flick! And get some cool shit doing it.

Stick with us!

Source: We Came from the Basement
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  1. ALLEY CAT would be so boss.


  2. The odd horror and comedy. Eh, how about that's both, "Psycho Beach Party".