Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus The Collection and The Frankenstein Theory

The Collection

Shawn: Talk about GORNOPOLIS! Ha ha. Just when I think I needed it the most. Sure, The Collector, (prequel), isn't even worth the memory of my watch, but don't let that stop you from seeing this.This was put together well. Like the Saw movies, it had satisfying gore. Dug it. Everything looked good, semi real, and just seemed to hit me at the right time. It scored there, then it produced an ending, satisfying my every movie watching need. At the time. Good.

Jason: What shocks me most about The Collection is how such a good sequel can be born from what was, ultimately, just an OK first film. The Collection is one of the most bad to the ass horror sequels I've seen in a long, long time. I'm beginning to think that the best horror films are no longer than 80 minutes. This is a tight, exciting and, at times, cringe-inducing flick. I dig that shit. But what's most awesome about Marcus Dunstan's sequel is the ending. Finally, we get to see someone put the smackdown on one of these “horror heroes,” and its glorious. I've waited decades to witness the beating that Arkin lays on The Collector. Good. Watching it again ASAP.

The Frankenstein Theory

Shawn: There was a time that I forgot I was even watching a found-footage movie here. That was about 10 minutes in. But make no mistake; this is a found-footage movie. With a score and all. (Yes that is allowed, and is not cheating) Ha ha. I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie, and although there was some "Canada" bashing, because of the "cold," I must tell you, that the movie was filmed entirely, in the United States of America. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, if you can spare the heat of the flame. I had NO preconceptions of this movie. Nor did I hope to see a clichéd Frankenstein monster run around ripping people to pieces. And if you are, this may not be the movie for you. It uses smarts to build the scare. Yeah, that's right. Smarts. This is likely my favorite found-footage movie yet. Thank you for hiring an "actual" film crew, to go on your "hunt" professor! Ha ha. Not so shaky cam! Giving this a Good.

Jason: I have to admit I knew very little about The Frankenstein Theory when I put it onto The Basement schedule. Then I found out it was a flick that hypothesized the Frankenstein story was true. But is The Frankenstein Theory a good movie? Yes it is. Like a lot of these found-footage flicks, it takes a while to get going. Fortunately there is a payoff at the end. I don't think this would have worked if it was shot in the standard format. Like Blair Witch, it relies on sound and the lack of an image to be frightening. Some people hate that kind of thing. I'm not one of them. And the Frankenstein angle, although out there, is still pretty neat. I'm compelled to watch this again because of the novelty of the idea. So, by Basement standards, this rates a Good.
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  1. at the last days of the dead convention in chicago... i was able to meet/greet with the collection...

    it was a great day!

    1. That would be totally awesome Jeremy. Would have dug that myself!