Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shawn Reviews The Avengers

So I took a step out of The Basement norm, hit up a big Hollywood summer blockbuster.  On opening weekend.

I went in with extremely high expectations for this movie, based on the trailer, and ALL the individual movies that were made to build up this one.

I love superhero movies, and I am the biggest Superman fan. Although I have really enjoyed the Iron Man series a lot lately, as they live up to their hype. Effects are top notch, and I don't even see them as effects anymore. Just Iron Man flying around doing cool shit. So with a new Superman coming next year, this movie makes me very nervous and I'll tell you why.

The Avengers was ALL kinds of ridiculous. Here is where Hollywood, on the rare occasion, can live up to their hype. This movie opened with some big events, and I was like "It's alright...not skirt blowing..."  But as it progressed, whatever skirt I may have been wearing was ripped off, shredded and had me giddy crazy.

This movie felt a lot like The Transformers in that, not only did I NOT question the effects behind the heroes -- they were sooo well done -- but another major city (New York) gets absolutely ripped to hell. The story was decent, but everything was so smooth that you were truly immersed in the events..

Being familiar with all the characters was nice, and they jived extremely well here. The chemistry was bang on. The introduction of the new guy for The Hulk worked very well too.  And Hulk smash?? Absofuckinglutely.

So where we in The Basement, RARELY tip our hats to Hollywood style big blockbusters, I concede here.  Job well done.  Movies like this raise the bar, almost too high, for other movies that some may be looking forward to. Superman, has a lot to contend with, and it's still a year away.

Definitely a Good.

But don't pay the extra 3 bucks for 3d. Fuck that.  Would not be necessary.

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  1. Fantastic review, agree with everything you said - I saw it in 2D with full visibility and it was mind-blowing. (this is coming from a non-superhero fan!)

    Love your blog.
    - Joe