Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Avengers Super Bowl spot

One of the best things about the Super Bowl (aside from the cheerleaders) are the commercials. And some of the best commercials are for the upcoming big summer movie blockbusters. For a football and movie geek like me, it's all win.

We've snagged the Super Bowl spot for the upcoming super hero epic The Avengers and, while it doesn't show a lot, it makes me even more psyched to see this movie. The concept of all these great characters played by all these great actors from a series of already decent movies in one fucking movie is just too awesome to comprehend. It's enough to give one an aneurysm.

There it goes!

Anyway, check out the spot below and geek out to the goodness. This movie has a lot riding on it, but I have a feeling it will deliver . . . I hope. Marvel, don't fail me now!!

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