Thursday, February 3, 2011

A good look at The First Avenger in action

Empire magazine has scored a bunch of pics from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger and we've decided to be lazy and post one of them here. Hey, it's the web. We can do that.

I'm actually looking forward to this flick and think Chris Evans is the perfect choice for Cap. He's a good actor, he looks all American and the costume suits him. Any doubts? Look below. The film is also set during World War 2, which is tres cool.

Directed by Joe Johnston, the action adventure also stars Hayley Atwell and Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull. It hits theatres July 22.


  1. I think I might just want to see this now.Set in world war two would make it very interesting maybe they wont screw up another comic character again.the suit looks pretty cool as well.of course everything is handed to these guys already,its just the story they have to write I hope its a good one.not alot of explosions and bad camera action with a hollow plot.I sound condescending but i will remain positive till i watch it.

  2. I agree. The storyline and character development will be key. The action and effects will take care of themselves. Apparently footage will be aired during the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed.