Friday, February 8, 2019

Marc Natoli is The Prodigy in Cold Pursuit of The Lego Movie 2

There are four big movies coming out this weekend, and Jason, Shawn and Howie are going to tell you all about them.

But first, the Terrible Trio have an exclusive interview they want to unleash on your ear holes, one featuring rising martial arts/action star Marc Natoli!

Marc recently hit it big with the short film The Proposal, which debuted to much acclaim at the Sitges Film Festival in 2018. He's signed on to star in writer/director Eric Red's upcoming action/horror film No Man's Ridge, which films later this year.

We've got about four minutes of Jason's interview with Marc, with the rest on our extended cut podcast that'll drop later this morning. But you gotta hear what the man has to say during the Radio NL 610 AM Morning Show, and you will at about 8:40 a.m.

Then it's off to the movies as Jason, Shawn and Howie talk The Lego Movie 2, Liam Neeson's latest action flick, Cold Pursuit, the horror film The Prodigy, and the alleged comedy What Men Want. That's a lot of movies to choose from. We're gonna make your choice easier.

You know what to do, and how: tune in at 610 on the AM, or via the player to your right.

Stick with us!

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