Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Elizabeth Banks takes on the Power Rangers

I've only caught a handful of Power Rangers episodes in my day, and that's because of the hotness that was/is Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson. Otherwise, it isn't my cup of tea. This from a g guy who grew up with the Toho Godzilla movies.

Hey, giant lizards are greater than big robots. Truth.

But I must report the hotness that is Elizabeth Banks announced today that she's joined the cast of the upcoming Power Rangers movie, which is due out next year. She won't be the Pink Ranger though, which is fine. Instead, Banks lends her good looks to the Power Rangers' arch rival, Rita Repulsa.
Rita. Repulsa.

Yeah, not my cup of tea. But those who dig Power Rangers have already marked March 24, 2017 on their calendars. Because that's when this comes out.

Source: Elizabeth Banks on Twitter

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