Monday, February 29, 2016

Bill Paxton on board for Training Day TV series

That's right, Training Day -- the gritty Denzel Washington flick from like 15 years ago -- is becoming a TV series. And get this, it's actually a SEQUEL to the movie. Because if any movie screamed for a sequel, it's Training Day. And a TV sequel to boot. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

I say this as someone who absolutely loved Training Day, and still gives it a watch from time to time.

The only reason I'd even consider tuning in is the fact genre fave Bill Baxton has been cast as the series lead, playing a cop who "lives by the law of the jungle" and is not happy about taking on a younger, inexperienced partner. But even then . . .

The Training Day pilot was picked up by CBS, and is penned by Will Beall of Castle fame, a show that's been around a while, but I've never given enough fucks about to watch.

Why someone believes Training Day needs to be a TV series is beyond me. Then again, Lethal Weapon has been picked up for series as has Rush Hour. They all smell like train wrecks to me.

Source: Variety

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