Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bigfoot is back in Valley of the Sasquatch

If The Lost Coast Tapes, Willow Creek and Exists proved anything, it's audiences -- at least horror audiences -- are into bigfoot.

And why not? The legend is ripe for film adaptation. And the woods are a perfect setting for a scary movie. Big hairy monster in the woods. What's not to like. Not a question. A statement.

Well, there's another bigfoot movie headed down the pike via Devilworks that promises to be of interest to fans of the aforementioned flicks. Our friends at Arrow in the Head scored the trailer and poster for writer/director John Portanova's tale, and we'd like share them with Basementites now:

And the poster:
Shawn and I have debated long and loud about the existence of the Sasquatch. Real (I like to think so) or not (Shawn thinks people are seeing bears walking on hind legs), I hope filmmakers keep mining the myth for more movies.

Say that 10 times fast.

Valley of the Sasquatch stars Bill Oberst Jr. and Jason Vail. The flick is currently seeking international buyers.

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