Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amber Heard set for Aquaman, Justice League

My interest in the DC Cinematic Universe, or whatever they are gonna call it, just increased by a wide margin.

Why? Because one of my all-time favourite screen hotties -- Amber Heard -- is in talks to join Batfleck and company in a number of upcoming movies inspired by DC Comics.

Word dropped today that Heard is in talks to play Mera opposite Jason Momoa's Aquaman in, well, Aquaman, and the Justice League movie. If all this comes to fruition, she'll turn up in Justice League first, which lands in 2017, before joining the solo Aquaman flick a year later.

James Wan is on board to direct Aquaman.

I've never been a big Aquaman fan, and can't actually remember who Mera is. But, with Heard involved, I'm more than a bit invested. Here's hoping she signs on the dotted line.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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