Sunday, October 25, 2015

Amy Wickenheiser in the house

Jason is off on assignment -- sick in his bed -- but the lovely and talented Amy Wickenheiser joins Shawn for a special edition of We Came from the Basement. Who is Amy Wickenheiser you ask?

For one, she's one of the stars of John Fallon's directorial debut The Shelter starring Michael Pare. So she's an actress. But she's a podcaster and personality for Geek Drunk, a site dedicated to nerd culture, and Killer Film, which is dedicated to, well, film. AND she's a producer as well. Among many other things.

She and Shawn talk her career, The Shelter, and the art of nudity and sex in film. But they also discuss The Walking Dead, the dangers of posting spoilers on Facebook, the difference between Americans and Canadians, and many other nerd and non-nerd related topics.

Yeah, the show has become a bit all over the map. Wanna fight about it? Didn't think so. They talk about that too, by the way.

This show is a lot of fun, and offers a different vibe from what Basementites are used to. It's a good time that could signal a new era in The Basement. How do you hear it? Hit play on the player below and enjoy!

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