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Sunday Night at the Movies: Crawl or Die

We've been pimping Oklahoma Ward's sci-fi/horror flick Crawl or Die since 2010, when we first befriended the flick's co-star, Torey Byrne, on Twitter. Suffice to say, it's been exciting seeing the flick come together and get released.

So how does Ward's ode to beasts, boobs and blood -- yup, hot chicks galore in this monster flick -- stack up now that Basement eyes have finally seen it? Stick with me!

Jason talks The Shelter

Regular readers know the connection Shawn and I have to our bro John Fallon and his directorial debut The Shelter. We've been mad supporters of the flick since it went into development and I, for a time, was going to work the shoot in New Orleans before life got in the way.
Stupid life!

Summer 2015 and Anne Hathaway takes a Shower

They said they'd be back, and Jason and Shawn are indeed back with another podcast designed to pleasure your earholes while possibly offending your sensibilities. But it's all good, right? I said right!?!

Not ones to engage much in mainstream, movies, The Basement Boys first tackle the summer that was, sounding off on cinematic successes and failures that began with Furious 7 back in April and ended with recent releases like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and whatever else came out last week. Those lovable a-holes also offer insight into why this summer's slate of movies was more or less received with a collective thud than the excitement of summers long gone.

Former Power Rangers on board for Blood Punch

What's this? A trio of former kids' TV show stars headline a drug-fuelled, supernatural noir? OK. You've got my interest.

Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet and Ari Boyland -- formerly of Power Rangers RPM -- do indeed star in Midnight Releasing's Blood Punch, a bloody thriller about a murderous love triangle. The flick has been a festival favourite since it premiered at the Austin Film Festival.

Sunday Night at the Movies: Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo is one of those horror movies I'd heard a lot of buzz about but had a hard time getting my mitts on. Of all the diamonds in the rough Shawn and I have sought out during our six seasons, this was one of the hardest diamonds to find. Yet I was determined.

So I spent a considerable amount of coin purchasing this flick for the simple pleasure of seeing what all the fuss is about. Can a pseudo documentary about the ghost of a dead girl live up to the hype? Stick with me!

John Fallon, The Shelter and Frightfest

As I write this, Shawn and I should be chatting with our bro, writer/director John Fallon, about his brilliant flick The Shelter and its pending screening at London's Frightfest on Friday, Aug. 28. But, alas, life has conspired against us once again. It's out of our realm of control. These things happens.

So what we'll do is connect with John when he gets back from the U.K., drink a few brews, talk about the movie's reception at Frightfest, and what lies ahead for The Shelter and the man who made it.

Sunday Night at the Movies: Shock Waves

Shock Waves was a staple of my weekly visits to the video store (remember those, kids?). Not because I rented it repeatedly, but because my eyes kept gravitating to the VHS case. Loved the artwork. Loved the idea of Nazi zombies, even in my early teens. But I was never allowed to rent it because . . . well, parents! Damn them!

But now I'm finally able to catch up with a movie that has intrigued me since the age of eight, and introduced the world to Nazi zombies long before Dead Snow and its brilliant sequel. Does the flick hold up to 35 years of expectation? Stick with me!

Sunday Night at the Movies: Blood Moon

One of the coolest things Shawn and I have experienced doing this show and blog is getting access to movies before they come out. For review purposes, obviously. It's kinda exciting seeing a movie "first." We've had this privilege a lot, and it never gets old. Thank you, movie gods.

I was ├╝ber pumped when a screener for Blood Moon, which I wrote about right here, hit the basementreviews inbox the other day, and figured the cowboys versus werewolves flick was a perfect entry for my Sunday Night at the Movies series.

Zoolander 2, Deadpool and the Bad Boys sequels

Never say never again, never. This is the lesson Jason and Shawn have learned and learned again as The Basement returns for a third time. And the third time is the charm as The Basement Boys unleash a new podcast with a shiny new format.

How new? For one, gone are the movie reviews that made Jason and Shawn popular in the first place. In fact, a good portion of this show is spent slagging film critics of the mainstream and Internet variety. Ballsy or stupid? Stick with us!

Cowboys and werewolves, oh my!

Yeah, we're not in the movie-news business anymore, but I think it's a wise idea to make people aware of a flick that looks worth checking out. And the fine folks at Uncork'd Entertainment appear to have the perfect Friday night beer movie on their hands with the upcoming Blood Moon.

Hollywood had it's Cowboys and Aliens, us B-movie nerds will take our cowboys versus werewolves, thank you very much!

Sunday Night at the Movies: Return of the Living Dead Part 2

Sunday Night at the Movies is a tradition from my youth. Growing up, most of the local TV stations had a Sunday Night at the Movies feature every week, broadcasting everything from old James Bond flicks to the TV debuts of big theatrical releases.

Sunday Night at the Movies is how I came to love the Bond and Clint Eastwood movies, and first saw classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was fucking awesome, and I got to stay up late!

The Shadow of Death director returns with Preternatural

No sooner did Shawn and I return to the land of the living that word dropped in The Basement email hole from one of our favourite filmmakers -- Gav Chuckie Steel -- about his latest project. We're going to share that with you now.

Basementites might remember that we reviewed Gav's first flick, The Shadow of Death, back in Season Four. The man's been focusing on music videos and short films since, but he's hip deep on his latest project, Preternatural.