Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Shadow of Death director returns with Preternatural

No sooner did Shawn and I return to the land of the living that word dropped in The Basement email hole from one of our favourite filmmakers -- Gav Chuckie Steel -- about his latest project. We're going to share that with you now.

Basementites might remember that we reviewed Gav's first flick, The Shadow of Death, back in Season Four. The man's been focusing on music videos and short films since, but he's hip deep on his latest project, Preternatural.

This time Gav's recruited Brian Patrick O'Toole, the producer of the British cult classic and Basement favourite Dog Soldiers, to assist him. THAT is pretty fucking bad ass!

Without further blabbering from me, we're going to show you the teaser trailer for Preternatural:

Slick! Gav hopes to complete the flick in September, and promises to send a screener our way ASAP. Given how awesome The Shadow of Death is -- death by bong, anyone? -- we have high hopes for Preternatural.

Stick with us!

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