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Jessica Cameron's Save Yourself teases a trailer

It's been months since we reported on scream queen Jessica Cameron's latest effort, Save Yourself. Like eight months, actually. But the horror hottie just sent a teaser trailer and some new stills from the flick our way -- right on time for Women in Horror Month.

Save Yourself tells the story of five female filmmakers en route to their big L.A. premiere. But when one of them goes missing at a rest stop, the women soon find themselves pitted against a deranged scientist hell-bent on using them for his mysterious research.

Review: Avenged

We first pimped Michael S. Ojeda's Avenged here in the The Basement a couple of years ago, and were pretty pumped to see the flick then. Surprise! A screener for the rape and revenge (ish) flick turned up in our email this week, so yours truly decided to give it a watch. How does it rate? Stick with me!

Avenged stars Amanda Adrienne as a young deaf woman who rises from the grave to avenge the violent sexual assault committed against her.

Good bye, Leonard Nimoy

"The walls of our youth crumble every day . . . today a whole section fell."

That is part of a text message my friend Carl sent me earlier today delivering the sad news that Leonard Nimoy had passed away. And those are appropriate words to describe how it feels to lose someone like Mr. Nimoy.

New Images from the Netflix Daredevil series

I dig me Daredevil. A lot. He was pretty much my favourite comic-book character growing up. And I even liked the 2003 Ben Affleck flick up and to a point (sue me). So I'm super stoked that Marvel and Netflix have produced a series based on the blind crimefighter.

The show doesn't debut until April 10. And yes, I've already cleared my schedule for the weekend. Until then, there's a slew of new images from the series that hit the Interwebs today. And we've got 'em for you right here.

The trouble with Hercules

The other day Shawn and I sat down and watched the latest from Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock. No, we weren't lucky enough to get an advanced look at Furious 7 (how rad would that be!?!) but his spin on the legendary Hercules, which was released last summer.

Shawn's verdict is still out on that one. I'm going to give it a Bad. It was entertaining enough, with dodgy to decent special effects. The Rock is always an engaging presence, and the action was alright.

Jason versus Zombeavers

Zombeavers. The title says it all. Zombie beavers. Plus there's a boat load of sexual innuendo in there too. Think about it. But not for too long, because that defeats the point of a movie called Zombeavers. And how does that movie rate? Stick with me!

College friends find their weekend of sex and debauchery ruined when deadly zombie beavers (the animal kind) swarm their riverside cabin.

Saw, The Collector scribes on board for Halloween

Fans of the Halloween franchise have finally been thrown a bone as Dimension Films announced today that a pair of writers were hired to bring horror icon Michael Myers back to the big screen.

And this duo knows a thing or two about masked killers and mayhem, as they co-wrote four of the Saw films and were the brains behind the two Collector movies, not to mention Piranha 3DD (didn't see it).

The last word on reboots, remakes and rewhatevers

Well, The Basement's last word on reboots, remakes and rewhatevers. I know movie geeks will go on and on about how Hollywood has run out of original ideas and is just riding the gravy train of successful franchises. No matter what is said here, that will be the general opinion among film bloggers.

And they'll be right.