Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: Avenged

We first pimped Michael S. Ojeda's Avenged here in the The Basement a couple of years ago, and were pretty pumped to see the flick then. Surprise! A screener for the rape and revenge (ish) flick turned up in our email this week, so yours truly decided to give it a watch. How does it rate? Stick with me!

Avenged stars Amanda Adrienne as a young deaf woman who rises from the grave to avenge the violent sexual assault committed against her.

On the surface, Avenged sounds like pretty rough stuff, and it is. But it's brilliantly executed rough stuff, which gives it a classy edge most exploitation movies don't have. Believe it!

First off, Amanda Adrienne is awesome as Zoe. She beautiful and vulnerable and totally believable as the avenging angel her character is forced to become. And the violence she executes against her attackers is bloody and justified. She pulls this ugliness off with style and class.

Some critics have called this a female version of The Crow, and I get that. The hero, or in this case heroine, is an innocent victim, the bad guys are characters unto themselves, and the tale is a dark and bloody one. Yet Avenged is strong enough on its own to stand alone among the supernatural revenge genre.

If you can stomach the violence, and look past the ugliness of it all, Avenged is a well made and well acted genre picture that begs repeated viewing. It's a slick and action-packed ride that makes for perfect Friday night fare. It's Good, and worth seeing again for those who groove on this kind of thing.

I'm one of those dudes.


  1. Also great...really great music, especially the lovely track at the start.... "Rose Is A Rose" by Amycanbe is truly amazing!

    1. Yes. I loved the music. Really elevated the film and emotions on display.