Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saw, The Collector scribes on board for Halloween

Fans of the Halloween franchise have finally been thrown a bone as Dimension Films announced today that a pair of writers were hired to bring horror icon Michael Myers back to the big screen.

And this duo knows a thing or two about masked killers and mayhem, as they co-wrote four of the Saw films and were the brains behind the two Collector movies, not to mention Piranha 3DD (didn't see it).

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will write the next Halloween film. That's all we know. No word on whether or not the screenwriters will continue the story Rob Zombie started with his reboot, or attempt something different. Word is theirs is a "recalibration" of the popular slasher series, whatever the fuck that means.

I refuse to get too excited at this point. The pair's Saw films were OK to yawn inducing, and the first Collector was just alright. The sequel, however, was balls-to-the-wall awesome, so there's that.

Being the big Halloween fans that we are, we're on this mofo when it hits theatres. Guaranteed.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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